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    Shop for the most unique objects East of Eden. One-of-a-kind atmosphere, Unique finds, Friendly service, Memorable shopping experience. All, authentic Japanese vintage/antique kimono or other objects have been acquired by myself and my husband assisted by a Japanese specialist, while we lived in Japan for 5 years. Other world’s masterpieces are part of our family inheritance or acquired while working overseas. As far as their provenance goes, our great-grand-father William Alford Watson was an accomplished archaeologist and Master SGT that served with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland. This was an infantry battalion from the Royal Regiment of Scotland that served in WWI. I am not sure but I believe he was in Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East.

    We hope you really enjoy them. We all know that they are quite rare and valuable. They are truly museum pieces and all of them would look great in any personal, professional, or national collection.

    We appreciate your business and are looking forward to serving you.