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Sculptural Wall Objects


When traditional art feels too pedestrian for a room, consider vintage wall sculpture. Whether you opt for a rattan elephant head or a piece of Brutalist metal wall art, unusual wall sculptures will lend texture, dimension, and intrigue. Use vintage wall sculptures solo, or work them into a larger gallery wall to procure a striking statement.

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Animal busts, including traditional taxidermy, are among some of the most sought-after wall sculptures. If you’re not on board with the real deal, there are plenty of options that replicate the look without the guilt factor. Look for plaster wall sculptures that replicate the look of taxidermy, as well as paper mache and rattan examples. Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante has also produced numerous animal busts in bronze and brass. If you fancy something more abstract, there are plenty of abstract wall sculptures to choose from as well. Look for Brutalist metal wall art from C. Jere. While many of the brand’s Mid-Century wall art pieces depict identifiable forms like birds, bridges, and flowers, others are more abstract in nature and include sunbursts and ribbon-like forms.

Those with a more traditionalist bent may want to consider Grand Tour Intaglios. Intaglios are white plaster moldings typically featuring ancient scenes and figures from Greece and Italy. Historically, tourists would collect Intaglios from the European Grand Tours. Today, these Intaglios are often mounted in shadowboxes to create an arresting wall sculpture. Wax seals, lifted from old letters, are also used in this manner to create unusual wall sculptures. Don’t forget about crests and shields, either. These handcrafted pieces are generally smaller in scale, making them perfect for small alcove walls and larger gallery walls.

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When you shop for vintage wall sculptures on Chairish, you can feel good about giving one-of-a-kind finds a second lease on life. Chairish is committed to keeping fabulous vintage finds in homes and out of landfills. Shop by color, size, or price to find the perfect piece to wake up your walls!