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How To Pick the Perfect Desk For Every Style

The world is at our fingertips—quite literally so. Sitting comfortably at a desk, or hunched over our laptops on the floor, there's nothing we can’t accomplish! From ordering things online to university courses and watching DIY YouTube videos, there is just so much we can do at a desk in addition to eight hours of work, of course. Sitting at a desk, there has never been a more comfortable way to take on the world.

There are two main aspects to figuring out which vintage desk best fits your bill: what is your need and how much space you got? If you are looking for an impressive desk for your home office where you spend most of your weekday, executive desks are a good place to start. If your need is more decorative than functional, a vintage writing desk might be on the money.

After you have established your need, there are lots of ways to avoid a space crunch. Going with a wall-floating desk is an easy option to save some precious real estate. However, if you have the space, there are some sprawling impressive desk options, such as the Parsons desk, available.

Not sure what’s the best fit for your needs? Chairish to the rescue. Here are five styles of desks and the statement they make

The Parsons

If you are looking for a stylish desk that doesn’t come with too many frills, the Parsons desk is the one for you. This vintage office desk has a flat-top surface, which is great for spreading out without feeling like it’s a juggling act. There is space for all those notes and books, laptop, some grub AND coffee (we think of coffee as the most important meal of the day—who's with us?). If storage is a deal breaker for you, you might want to do your research or customize your vintage desk, as most of these desks do not have cabinets. The deal clincher for a minimalistic design such as the Parsons desk in our opinion? The ease of restyling. Move it around and turn it into a DIY bar or a buffet table as needed; it will work beautifully. The Parsons desk is also one of the sturdier desks out there making it the kind of piece you'll be able to have and to hold for a lifetime. We love a good deal!

Wall-Floating Desk

If you have a small apartment or just hate the idea of banging your shins against the legs of a desk (ouch!), you should look into owning a wall-floating desk. It’s ergonomic and an easy choice for people with no room to spare. The wall-floating desk looks professional and can be hung from a preferred height, which can be a blessing for someone who is struggling to find a desk that's a smidge taller or shorter than most. Whether you are lusting after a floating beams design from Danish designer Arne Hovmand-Olsen or a steel modular desk with multiple shelves, there are so many options to customize this desk to fit in with the overall design vibe on your home. Can we get an amen?

Executive Desk

Nothing spells BOSS quite like an Executive Desk. We think an Executive Desk is akin to power dressing, but for furniture. Picture this: A Mid-Century Modern Executive desk dominating the room with its gorgeous style and design. It’s only natural that some of the desk’s confidence will rub off on its user. Dressing for the job you want and all that? Again, we think that should apply to furniture as well. This is a great option for someone who expects visitors in their home office. It is a simple way to take it from a lax work-from-home situation to an office that reeks professionalism. The extra storage in the desk’s many drawers will also help you maximize your space. Remember: an impressive desk needs an impressive chair. Add a Herman Miller executive chair for a touch of panache. Paints a powerful picture, doesn’t it?

Secretary Desk

Working from home is great. Feeling like you live with your work around the clock—not so great. A secretary desk is stylish way to metaphorically shut up shop in the evening and keep your work out of sight after hours. You can go back to feeling like you work from home and not like you live at your office—a fine line, IOHO. These unique desks will also keep your clutter out of sight and make your living room ready for entertaining at a moment’s notice. Win win! It’s not just a handy piece of furniture, it looks absolutely delicious too. This vintage desk is steeped in character and will up your decorating game from drab to fab in one swift step. So, if you spy a secretary desk in the used desks for sale section, shoot your shot. It’s going to be so worth it.

Vintage Writing Desk

A vintage writing desk is a gorgeous piece of furniture that serves multi-purposes. It creates a lovely little nook to jot down a quick note or log in a journal entry, while also being an ace accent piece. A vintage desk doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing to go from functional to decorative. Having friends over for an impromptu evening of drinks? This vintage writing desk is well complemented by a vase of fresh blooms or just a bright ceramic bowl with lemons, if not being used to keep the snacks. As gorgeous as a vintage writing desk is, we have to concede that it’s probably not the best option for a home office as it does have a reputation for being among the more smaller proportioned desks on the market . A vintage desk is whimsical and playful. It adds character to a room and will probably inspire you to finish that manuscript you have been working on for years now—a girl can dream, right?!