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Whether your home office is a dedicated room or an annexed corner of your living room, there’s nothing better to bring it to life than a new or vintage desk. Desks for home offices run the gamut, ranging from wall desks to computer desks to floating desks. For the work-from-homer who prioritizes comfort, a Mid-Century executive desk may be the answer, while a weekend writer may be more in favor of a vintage secretary desk that can double as a bar when not in use. A traditionalist may also be more inclined to take a gamble on a brown wood desk in a Neoclassical or Chippendale style, while a modernist may be more partial to Parsons silhouette desk or sleek glass and metal desk.

Not sure where to begin? Try assessing your space, and deciding if it’s best suited to accommodate a large, Mid-Century tanker desk, or a petite writing desk. If you do have square footage to spare, you may want to expand your search to include partner, roll top, and corner unit styles. If compact is the name of the game, consider models like the secretary which can be folded up after your workday has wrapped. Secretaries can be procured in virtually any style, ranging from Chinoiserie to Danish Modern. Campaign desks, modeled after military campaign furniture that could easily be disassembled, also tend to feature compact footprints, making them ideal for studios and small apartments. Not sold yet? Those pressed for space may want to consider small desk styles constructed of unusual materials like wicker, rattan, or bentwood. Less industrial construction materials can make it less obvious that you’re inserting a desk into your living room or bedroom. Additionally, there’s no rule that says you can’t repurpose a vanity as a work area!

When it comes to color, many opt for brown wood desks made of mahogany or cherry wood, but those are by no means the only options. Danish modern styles are traditionally crafted of teak wood, which typically ranges in color from yellow-blond to golden-brown. In the 1970s and 80s, designers and makers began to heavily experiment with construction materials other than wood, which resulted in desks being made of clear Lucite or brightly colored lacquers. Those who prefer the look of a vintage desk but crave eye-catching color shouldn’t be detoured. As vintage writing desks have come back into vogue, they’ve become popular candidates for paint rehabs. These “painted ladies” as we like to call them here at Chairish, can be sourced in a variety of hues such as magenta, kelly green, or even yield sign yellow.