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Do you want to roll out the drinks in style next time your friends are over? Enter: the Bar Cart. Sleek, portable, this vintage bar can be moved from the living room to the balcony without fuss. Bonus! It parks in style. If you want to keep the tag of ‘Coolest Host Ever’ (it’s a real thing, you know), it’s time to get on the bar cart bandwagon. A bar cart takes up little space and takes entertaining to the next level as easy as shake, stir, sip and repeat. Rolling a vintage bar cart into the living room sounds so much nicer than being held hostage in the kitchen topping off everyone's drinks, doesn't it?

Quick history: The bar cart was invented in the Victorian era for the easy consumption of alcohol’s well-mannered cousin—tea. This changed in the 1920s with Prohibition making alcohol the most popular dude in town. There are many different styles of bar carts. Here are our favorites:

Polynesian Cohesion Trophy Tiki or Chinoiserie Chic, a bamboo or rattan bar cart can be styled expertly to be a throwback to the 1960s or a homage to the exquisite Chinese motif. The simplistic design and the use of unusual materials will make this bar cart pop amongst your furniture. Want to take it a step further? Paint and lacquer the cart to a style of your choice. Voila! Simple and elegant; bold and beautiful. Did someone say mai tais?

Brilliant Brass A shimmery cart made of brass or chrome, clean glass shelving and a va va voom shape—this sounds LEGEN—wait for it—DARY. If your style is more classic and minimalistic, this is your bar cart. It is fuss free, clutter free and low-maintenance. An occasional wipe down will take care of any spills. We love that a brilliant brass bar cart can fit in with any style, which is great for those themed parties. It can go from flapper-friendly to the happy-hour-with-hippies like it's no big thing.

Deco Dry Bar Pre-party nerves? Say whaaat? This vintage bar on wheels will set the mood, EVERY SINGLE time. As the Art Deco period rubbed shoulders with the Prohibition Era, it's no surprise that this was the era the humble bar cart reinvented itself and achieved its peak popularity. The distinctive marks of this bar cart are wooden inlays and chrome embellishments, making it perfect for that uber cool host or hostess who's bent on hosting a super chic shindig no matter how impromptu.

If having a portable vintage bar sounds like a party hack, we confess, it is. You heard it here first, folks! A bar cart will bring home the style trophy. Pop the champagne! And if you don’t like your libations on the move (hey, each to their own!), check out vintage dressers which can double up as a bar cabinet.