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Love personalizing your furniture as much as you can? Same! It’s the best way to create a space that reflects your personality to the hilt. Finding a matching lamp shade for your lamp can be like trying to determine the seating chart at a big party. The right combination means that everyone has a great time. One wrong move and you are looking at an unpleasant situation. No pressure. With the right lighting, a room can be manipulated to look classy or eccentric or anything in between. Classy decor can look drab with inadequate light and it's a thin line between low mood lighting and dinginess. If finding lamp shades for table lamps suddenly sounds like a Sisyphean task, not to worry. We got you covered. Chairish to the rescue.

Here are three topping tips to help you pick the right lamp shades for your table lamps!

Size Matters: If you thought measuring for the size of lamp shade you need is more science than art, you are kinda right. That said, there are just two simple concepts to measuring your lamp shade right. First, the lamp shade should be three-fourths the size of the lamp base. Second, your lamp shade’s circumference should be an inch wider than the lamp’s widest point. Did we say it’s science? In our defense, we think science is simple. Another point that most decorators seem to agree on is that the lamp shade should also cover the lamp’s hardware unless you specifically are going for an industrial post-apocalyptic look. We thought not.

Stay In Shape: One rule of thumb that decorators seems to agree on is that the lamp shade should mimic the shape of the lamp. A square shade for a square lamp and so on. If you want to take it even a step further, some design experts think that the lamp shade, lamp and the table it sits on should be similarly shaped. If you are looking for unique lamp shades, check out the pagoda style lamp shade. It’s classic, yet quirky. Of course, as with all things related to style, there is no wrong way to do anything. We personally love the idea of a square shade on candlestick lamp. Don’t be afraid to make a bold choice. We love a confident rule breaker.

It’s Not Immaterial: Knowing the purpose of the vintage lamp shade is crucial to picking the right shade material. Each material has a purpose and there are so many different material options to choose from. Choices, choices. Parchment, silk, linen or cotton lampshades are some of our top favorites. Silk or linen is for a sophisticated finish. If you want to create a classy ‘lounging in diamonds’ vibe, we’d pick silk — for both clothes and lamp shades. Can you say posh posh posh? Parchment is great for clean, diffused light, whether it is for the writer’s desk or for well-lit evening rooms. Cotton is great for prints. Be it the ikat or the dip-dye, cotton lamp shade will diffuse the print beautifully!