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Beloved for its grandly-scaled, Belgian-inspired furniture, Restoration Hardware—or RH as they’re now known—was established in Eureka, California in 1980 when founder Stephen Gordon began renovations on his Victorian era home. Seeking a source for antique hardware and fixtures, the idea for Restoration Hardware was born. Although indebted to classic designs, vintage Restoration Hardware furniture takes a fresh approach to tradition by integrating unexpected details like smoked glass, all-over tufting—or occasion—an industrial edge.


With an unmistakable aesthetic, Restoration Hardware is a nonpareil in the world of luxury home décor. Marked by its gracious approach to modernist design and its many-shades-of-gray color palette, Restoration Hardware is your answer to dreamy, above-the-cloud-line living. From sweeping chandeliers to Belgian linen-swathed sofas, Restoration Hardware furniture astonishes—and markedly guides wallflowers into less than comfortable territory…

Whether you’re looking to top off a RH living room with a Restoration Hardware Cloud sofa, or you’re vying to pair a Restoration Hardware mirror with a Pottery Barn credenza, Restoration Hardware furniture is the epitome of accessible luxury. Care to learn more about this larger-than-life brand? Read on.


Restoration Hardware got its start in founder Stephen Gordon’s historic Queen Ann, Eureka, California home. Determined to locate antique-looking hardware for his beloved abode, Gordon began collecting catalogs from hardware vendors around the country. In 1980, Gordon rented a 300-square foot Victorian storefront in downtown Eureka, investing a few thousand dollars into purchasing hardware samples.

Thanks to Gordon’s business savvy and determination (he worked at Restoration during the day and moonlighted as a bartender), Restoration Hardware was turning a profit within a few years, with secondary stores in Mendocino, Newport Beach, and Marin. In 1994, Restoration Hardware expanded again, this time introducing its own furniture line. The line quickly developed Restoration Hardware’s signature look—oversized and deceptively minimalist furniture, awash in cool Cali hues.

Today the Restoration Hardware brand includes Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, Restoration Hardware Teen, RH Modern, and a number of Restoration Hardware outlets.


A Restoration Hardware couch is made for taking center stage in a living room. Deep seats and blocky forms make Restoration Hardware sectionals and sofas perfect for seating guests, lounging or napping. Look for sofas covered in polished, but laid-back fabrics like airy linens or crushed velvets for a luxe look, or try a Restoration Hardware leather sofa. A Restoration Hardware chesterfield is a classic design that’s at its best when decked out in broken-in leather—opt for black or brown leather for an especially masculine look. Another favored RH furniture design is the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa. Featuring a chunky track arm, the Cloud Sofa is an unpretentious take on the designer sofa. Its ample size beckons to families looking for a place to host game nights or cuddly movie-thons. Finish off your living room with a Restoration Hardware coffee table. Grand proportions make RH coffee tables esteemed matches for the oversized sofas—and leave plenty of room for those game boards and snacks.


Make your master suite a sanctuary with a Restoration Hardware bed. Divinely proportioned, Restoration Hardware beds take inspiration from around the globe—Sweden, France, India—trading in ornate flourishes for linen upholsteries and gray weathered woods. Finish off the five-star hotel experience with Restoration Hardware bedding and an artful Restoration Hardware rug underfoot. To carry the look into the master bath, use a Restoration Hardware bathroom vanity topped with a Restoration Hardware mirror. Capped in wood, glass, metal, zinc, or gilt, Restoration Hardware mirrors take cues from bygone eras, making them perfect for imbuing personality in a space. Want even more? For a truly awe-inspiring moment, try hanging a Restoration Hardware chandelier over a free-standing tub. Stunning without ever resorting to excessive, Restoration Hardware chandeliers range from altar chandeliers to antique-inspired birdcage chandeliers, ensuring you’ll find your flight of fancy.


Flaunting surface spaces wider than most drafting tables, Restoration Hardware desks range from executive desks to full-bodied writing desks. Make the most of the space offered up by your desk by adding a Restoration Hardware lamp (or a Restoration Hardware floor lamp if you’d rather keep all that precious square footage for yourself). Look for RH lighting rendered in a timeless finish like brass, brushed chrome, bronzed nickel, or iron, and when it comes to the shade, opt for a simple drum shade, or try something slightly more out of the ordinary—like a standing candelabra encased in an openwork orb. Don’t have an office? Don’t fret. Restoration Hardware dining tables are inspired for doubling as an off-hours desk. Grandly scaled and not the least bit fussy, Restoration Hardware dining tables are workhorses (albeit show horses too), finished in weathered woods, rustic metallic metals, and durable stones. Thanks to their feed-a-crowd proportions they’re perfect for spreading out with your work.


If there’s a niche there’s a way—make that a Restoration Hardware way. Restoration Hardware’s kids line, officially known as RH Baby & Child features pastel-tone basics—think oval-back French chairs and Thonet Bistro chairs shrunken down to size. Restoration Hardware baby cribs mimic stately upholstered beds, with tufted side panels and washed woods; just the thing for design discerning parents. Restoration Hardware Teen takes pieces from their original line and tweaks them to feel more youthful (A brand capstone? A hooded bedframe), and Restoration Hardware Modern—or RH Modern as it’s known—focuses on clean, streamlined furniture that takes its cues from Mid-Century and post-modern design pools. Last up is Restoration Hardware’s outdoor furniture collections. Composed of oversized couches, chairs, and tables (and fire pits!), Restoration Hardware outdoor furniture is made for gracing the side of your infinity pool—or making your regular pool feel a bit more like one.