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When it comes to vintage bedframes, there is something oh-so enticing about a tufted one. Dreamy and yet refined, you can style a tufted bedframe one way and it'll look unabashedly romantic; style it another and it'll look perfectly lodge-esque. Does it sound like the great equalizer? Well, it kind of is.

To achieve the tufted look, upholsterers work a sturdy thread through layers of fabric, securing the thread trimmings with a button or a knot. The result is a deep, textural diamond pattern, perfect for curating a contemporary look that’s steeped in tradition. In addition to being a popular choice for vintage bedframes, Chesterfield sofas also famously feature the tufted look.

While there are of course dozens of used bedframes to choose from, we think it’s the tufted bedframe deserves a sonnet or two to its name. While we’ll leave the iambic pentameter to the high school poets, we have broken down three ways to style the iconic tufted bedframe. Whether your style’s contemporary, glam, or French Rococo, this versatile bedframe has got you covered.


Contemporary bedrooms are crisp, clean, and neutral. While thoroughly modern, they also feature subtle hints of tradition, making them perfect for showcasing a secondhand bedframe of the tufted variety.

The Bed: For a contemporary twist on what can sometimes be a very traditional-leaning bed, look for a tufted bedframe with a grand, slightly winged headboard, no footboard, and visible legs. Opt for neutral upholstery in a color like linen, sage, slate, or smoky black.

The Color Scheme: Neutral color schemes shout contemporary. In addition to whatever color bed you decide on, embellish it with a masculine base color like gray, silver, and black. These colors will read as tranquil without bottoming out in dull territory.

Bed Linens: Try a mix of standard white and subtly-colored bedding for a sophisticated appearance. Top off the look with a soft throw, casually draped at the bed’s foot. Lastly, tuck the linens into the bed frame for a clean, fuss-less look.

Furnishings & Accessories: Complement the bedroom space by placing a neutral rug rug in front of the bed and flanking the bed with simple box nightstands in a low-risk color like white, black, or walnut. If opting for furniture with hardware, silver hardware will keep the look clean and sharp.


If you’re going to splurge on one space in the house, let us nominate the bed. Treat yourself to the ultimate decompression zone by opting for a space that’s undeniably luxurious and a touch Hollywood starlet.

The Bed: Glam up your bedroom by opting for tufted bedframe with either a winged headboard or an arched headboard. Look for one in a material like velvet for the ultimate touch of cush.

The Color Scheme: While there’s no steadfast color rules when it comes to the glam bedroom, we love those bedrooms that embrace a bold, feminine palette like pink and aqua tempered by a palette of darker colors like gray, black, and navy. And let’s not forget a little brass for sass!

Bed Linens: To perfectly complement your glam style, choose satin sheets and pillowcases, and try opting for a faux fur throw in lieu of a traditional comforter; it’ll be the ultimate touch of luxe.

Furnishings & Accessories: For over the top glam, complement your bed frame with a primary pattern rug (like stripes or chevron) rendered in the simplest of palettes: black-and-white. Also, try a gold-framed accent mirror, it’ll seriously entice. The prerequisite, though? A crystal chandelier.


The French Rococo style accentuates the decorative arts, architecture, and paintings that originated in Paris throughout the early 18th century. Mimic this Marie Antoinette-approved look in your bedroom at home, courtesy of the styling tips below.

The Bed: To create an elegant French Rococo style bedroom, choose tufted bedframe that’s traditional Rococo in style. This will generally consist of an ornately scrolled wood headboard and footboard, with exposed cabriole legs. The headboard will likely feature a tufted inset.

The Color Scheme: Shades like periwinkle, sand, and rosé accented with bright white or washed gray will make traditional Rococo style read like a love letter to the French.

Bed Linens: Select cream or white bedding and add in accents in your color of choice courtesy of throw pillows and throws.

Furnishings & Accessories: To complement your traditional French bedroom set, complete the look with an elegant mirrored dressing table, chair, and a matching chest of drawers. Lastly, hang a crystal chandelier just above the bed for a sophisticated touch.