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When it comes to outdoor decor, few objects have the ability to elevate a garden quite like vintage statues. But choosing a garden figurine is no easy task. To help streamline the whole process, we’re highlighting three types of statues, plus giving you a landscaper’s perspective on how to ensure your used outdoor statues read like a garden thriller rather than filler.

Where to Place Vintage Garden Statues

Where you place your antique garden statue depends on your statue’s subject matter. Large Chinese statues modeled after ancient historical figures make befitting garden centerpieces, while Animalia imitations—think ducks, rabbits, swans—can make for quaint discoveries when tucked into out-of-the-way garden nooks.

Ask any garden guru how to place an antique garden sculpture, and they’re likely to say that your statues should be relative to the size of your yard. That’s not to say that small-scale statues have no business in a yard with acreage, but they should be recessed into a siphoned off part of the garden like along a pathway carved into shrubbery or in a cobblestone patio. In the event you do stumble upon a statue you love but it lacks the scale to complement your garden, consider docking it on a plinth.

3 Statue Materials to Consider

Bronze Statues

Celebrated for its low melting point which gives way to diminutive details, antique bronze statues are also notorious—renowned, some might even say—for their oxidation process, which results in a fetching bright green verdigris. Those who’d rather stave off the chemical effects should apply a paste wax twice a year which will restore bronze statues’ illustrious patina. Opt for aged bronze statues for a refined look fit for a craftsman-style home.

Marble Statues

Like bronze, marble is heralded for its ability to capture real-to-life details. Plus, it’s more resistant to fading from UV rays than other materials and fights back against scratches and pitting. All that said, marble statues are softer than other materials, so those in extreme climates may want to heed caution.

Concrete Statues

In finishes that range from cool blue-cast hues to warm pearly creams, concrete statues are also extremely wallet-friendly—just check out our wide selection of affordable concrete statues, sourced from dealers all over the U.S.! Dips in the mercury can cause concrete statues to crack but calamities are for the most part preventable by applying concrete sealer once or twice a year.