About Us

Design Lovers Unite!

Chairish.com makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another. Our shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full-service and trustworthy environment.

Buy. Sell. Adore.

Our Story

An entrepreneur husband and his design-loving wife were moving homes and faced what seemed like a simple problem: how do they sell high quality furnishings that simply didn’t fit into their new place?

In asking others for suggestions, they quickly discovered their problem wasn’t unique. Job changes, moves, renovations, style changes – there were many people who had furniture and home decor to sell that were perfectly good, but just didn't work in their homes anymore. But because there was no easy, good way to sell them, these items just sat – and languished.

On the flip side (having been there), they knew there were many people who would love to buy great pieces direct from the owner.

What emerged was clear. This was a problem begging to be solved. A better way was needed.

A team of co-founders who shared their passion for creating a new solution soon joined them.

We’re passionate about connecting design lovers with each other in the best, most practical and enjoyable way to buy and sell amazing, unique, high quality furniture and decor.

Founding Team

We'd also like to thank the amazingly talented people and our friends and family who've helped to support us and bring Chairish along to this point. Watch us as we continue to build the team and bring to market the best social shopping experience on the planet for great design in furniture and decor.