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A universal symbol of chic, the vintage chandelier is among the quickest ways to take a room from blah to bananas. While the word “chandelier” often conjures up images of vintage light fixtures with crystals and tiers, there’s no set blueprint for a chandelier. Whether your style be classic Marie Antoinette or runs slightly more towards the Jean Prouvé end of the French design spectrum, there’s a vintage chandelier to match. In honor of some of these oft-overlooked vintage and antique chandelier styles, we’ve compiled a list of our all-time favorites: the Murano, the Sputnik, the Brutalist and the Italian tole chandelier. To help work these beauties seamlessly into your own space, we’ve paired each one of these vintage chandeliers with a series of helpful tips on how to maximize their style.


Few things rival the mysterious beauty of a vintage Murano chandelier. Featuring saturated color and shapes pulled straight from a Dali painting, these vintage and used chandeliers are undeniable statement pieces. If you’re looking for a colored chandelier, especially a pink chandelier or a turquoise chandelier, it’s worth seeking out a Murano chandelier.

To work a colored Murano chandelier into your room, go monochromatic when you can. Have red chandelier that you were planning to make a grand statement with in an all-white room? While tempting in theory, a monochrome chandelier will actually make the most impact in a room where its color is repeated at eye-level. This means if you plan to hang a gorgeous turquoise chandelier in dining room, try using a turquoise hutch in the corner. Stringing up a pink chandelier in a bedroom? Drape a ballet-hue throw at the foot of your bed. The repeated pulses of color will make your vintage chandelier feel purposeful rather than an anomaly.


Space motifs were all the rage in the Mid 20th Century, leading to the development of one of our favorite vintage style chandeliers: the sputnik chandelier. Modeled after a starburst or cosmic comet, the sputnik chandelier is the perfect choice for those seeking a large chandelier that is both dramatic and modern. Stylistically, this modern chandelier features a center ball from which dozens of metal spokes protrude. Each of the spokes end in exposed bulb, and a metallic brass finish lends the entire piece the unsuspecting look of a combusting star.

Used in an interior, a Sputnik chandelier is a chic way to integrate a Mid-Century Modern element without straying into full-blown lava lamp mode. Along those lines, Sputnik chandeliers will pair just as easily with traditional furniture as modern furniture. For the most drama, consider using a Sputnik in a room with dark paint or graphic wallpaper. When backed with a dark color or bold pattern, the negative space between the chandelier spokes will really the metal finish really pop. Other tricks for making a statement with this vintage style chandelier include opting for a slightly oversized model and hanging it daringly low to a dining table surface. Yep, instant drama. For those who dare to gander even further into boomtown territory, purchase three Sputnik chandeliers for an entry and hang them at staggered heights. It’ll curate a look that’s, well, booming.


For those times when a grand chandelier is the exact opposite of what a room needs, there's the Italian tole chandelier. Tole, a metal ware painted in a rustic style, is pretentious-less by nature, and fittingly, chandeliers made of the material tend to feature floral and fruit motifs and pastel colors. A no-think option for shabby chic-style interiors, or any space that inspires you to hum a lullaby, these chandeliers can provide a bolt of drama without any unnecessary opulence.

One thing to keep in mind when using a vintage tole chandelier, is that they tend to be on the compact side, so to keep proportions right, we recommend hanging these petite treats directly over a small piece of furniture like a crib, craft table, or a breakfast nook dinette. For a more dramatic take on the tole chandelier, we also love the idea of dropping a matching pair on either side of a bed.


If the last thing you want is a dainty and small vintage chandelier, a Brutalist pendant chandelier might be your best bet. An ideal chandelier for a dining room, foyer, or even an edgy bedroom, brutalist pendant chandeliers take their cues from the Brutalist design trend that dominated in the 1960s and 70s. In line with the trend, most of these secondhand chandeliers showcase bronze or brass sheet metal construction. Edges are typically finished in a jagged fashion and sometimes showcase a torched look. Among the most famous Brutalist chandeliers are those made by designer Tom Green for Feldman.

Brutalist chandeliers can work in both traditional and more modern eclectic spaces, so long as there are some glam notes present. Other metallics, be it a brass mirror, a chrome lamp or Paul Evans Cityscape credenza will allow a Brutalist chandelier to read as glam rather than severe. Furniture upholstered in luxe velvets and mohair, as well as burl wood and acrylic furniture, can work to serve a similar purpose. If you're still worried about a brutalist chandelier feeling, well, too brutal, outfit your walls or furniture in a soft pastel hue. The contrast between a soft color palette and metal chandelier will make for edgy perfection.