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There is no escaping the fact that nothing spells glamor quite like a chandelier. Whether you have a flapper fantasy or just like your lights with a touch of magic, a chandelier is the ultimate glam move. Turn that into an antique chandelier, and there is no contesting your style. Want to feel like a movie star? Done. Want the old world charm? Done. Shine bright like a diamond? Done done done. A social queen and the party president, it’s amazing how much a chandelier can accomplish. And guess what? Forget Snapchat and Instagram, once you sample an antique chandelier's ambient glow, it's the only filter that you'll want. Wondering what kind of vintage chandelier is right for you? Ahead, we break down four styles to know.

Vintage Murano Chandelier: If you are looking for a statement chandelier, a vintage Murano chandelier is the one to go with. Available in beautiful colors, like pink, ruby, and turquoise, this chandelier is classic with a twist. Think nice with a full side of naughty. While it’s tempting to let a colored chandelier be the only dash of bold color in the room, reproducing your Murano chandelier's color at eye level can have smashing results. For example, if you have a pink chandelier, repeating pulses of pink around the room (think: pillows or a throw on the loveseat) will help make your bold choice seem intentional, instead of eccentric.

Vintage Sputnik Chandelier: We love a space motif and news flash: it’s one of those golden styles that's never going to expire. Sputnik chandeliers became a rage in the mid 20th Century and continue to capture designers' imaginations even today. A modern classic, vintage sputnik chandeliers are a great option for non-traditional decorators. Concerned that with pale walls a traditional vintage chandelier might make the room seem too feminine? Go with Sputnik. It will add some neutral drama to the room, whilst keeping it modern. Want to go all in? Paint your walls fuchsia, complement it with a vintage sputnik chandelier and watch the drama unfold.

Vintage Italian Tole Chandelier: Heard of the saying that great things come in small packages? We think so. A vintage Italian Tole chandelier is a compact little beauty that will have all the heads turning. Generally available in floral patterns, this compact chandelier should be used over smaller space (maybe a nursery or a reading nook?). If you are determined to make this vintage chandelier work for the bigger rooms, we’d suggest you deploy the power of pairs. Don’t hold back—and looking at these beauties, why would you want to?

Vintage Brutalist Chandelier: With its metal construction and jagged edges, a vintage Brutalist chandelier brings so much class (or drama, same thing really). Throw in additional metallic hues like a brass lamp or a mirror for some added elegance. Or go all out and get the Paul Evans cityscape coffee table or credenza—we love a confident decorator. Glam, bling and sparkle—words that people will associate with you and your funky chandelier. Remember what we said earlier about stars? This vintage chandelier is stardust, baby.