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How To Use Vintage Benches In Your Space

You think that a chair is the most versatile seating option? Think again and repeat after us: bench, please! A vintage bench can be placed in any room of the house to achieve beautiful decorative results. Unlike a dining table that looks out of place in a bedroom or a bed that looks dangerously misplaced in the foyer, a bench can be styled to look fabulous in any part of the house. In addition to offering up extra seating options, a bench also makes any space feel more welcome. If you have a corner in your home that you feel is unused, add a bench and get more use out of it. From pillowed vintage benches to rustic wooden ones, there is the perfect bench for every room of your house.

Bedroom: A bench at the foot of the bed or near the window is a great way to add functionality to your bedroom. If you have a beautiful bedroom and you rarely find yourself using it for much else than sleeping, adding a bench can help you get more use out of the room. Think of it as a place to have your morning coffee or use as a reading nook. Considering the bedroom is an intimate place, it also holds the most memories. Whether it is reading to your kids in the evening or journaling your thoughts, a small bench adds so much.

Living room: A small bench seat or an antique bench with colorful upholstery can add that touch of elegance to your living room. Easily movable, benches in the living room offer extra seating without taking up a lot of room. A vintage wooden bench can be used innovatively as a coffee table or as a snack station during parties. When not in use, a bench can be the perfect decorative piece style up with some coffee table books and cushions.

Foyer: A bench in the foyer is the mark of a thoughtful host. It is welcoming and classy. An elegant bench can add that touch of luxury, making a stylish statement to guests as they enter. But who comes through the front door most often? You! And you will be thankful for that bench whenever you come in holding lots of bags or need a second before you head out to tie your shoelaces.

Outdoors: If you have been trying to get your family to enjoy more time el fresco, it’s time to pay attention to the benches for sale ads. The addition of a small bench to your balcony or your porch will unlock the potential of the space (and will ensure that you get all the Vitamin D you need). Add a couple of chairs and a small table to create an informal lounging sitch; perfect for the wine and cheese nights with your girlfriends or Sunday morning brunch. Check out outdoor fountains on Chairish to complete the elevated outdoor look.