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Add bold, vibrant style to any space with a vintage Art Deco rug. This style is all about glamor, which is why it’s an easy and instant way to bring a luxurious look to a room. From massive Art Deco area rugs to smaller round Art Deco rugs, there are a variety of options when it comes to size. Learn more about the different designs you’ll find when you look for this type of vintage rug.

Art Deco Motifs and Features

Art Deco carpets often feature natural motifs with organic shapes. Brilliant colors are also quite common as this era of design was anything but subtle or reserved. Overall, you’ll find a great mix of traditional rugs and modern rugs. The traditional Art Deco-style rugs typically feature a border around the edge and a symmetrical design. Popular options in this category include Chinese Art Deco rugs which often feature floral patterns. On the modern side, you’ll see more abstract and asymmetrical designs. This is when the Cubism movement popularized by Picasso was starting to transform into Abstract Expressionism, which is the inspiration behind many of these Art Deco rugs.

Questions & Answers

How many vintage art deco rugs does Chairish have in stock?
We have 3,300+ vintage art deco rugs in stock.
What are some popular art deco rug brands?
We have art deco rugs from popular brands such as Rug & Kilim, Moroccan Artist, and Berber Tribes of Morocco.
What are some popular art deco rug styles?
Popular art deco rug styles are Art Deco, Asian, and Chinese.
Does Chairish have large art deco rugs for sale?
We have 840+ large art deco rugs in stock.