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Blankets & Throws

You know what makes a house a home? To start, great books, a mantel styled with personality-plus, and anything that makes you cozier. The Cozy-Maker numero uno has got to be the throw. So named for its willingness to be thrown over the back of a couch or chair, or at the foot of a bed, the throw is a necessary object for cool nights and overly air-conditioned days. Find used throws and vintage throws galore, right here. Match them with the perfect pillows and rest in comfort.


Vintage throw blankets are common and highly functional accessories in living rooms and bedrooms, alike. They are style makers that add color, patterns, and warmth to a room. Most vintage throw blankets are lightweight and can be thrown just about anywhere, from the sofa to the foot of a bed. Sometimes, adding a blanket to a space could make or break the overall style of a room, so continue reading below for our best vintage throw blanket styling tips.


There are many ways to display a throw blanket on a couch, and when choosing a technique, consider the room’s overall design style. A casual space represents a no-fuss look, so simply fold the throw over the back or side of the couch. For an effortless look, drape the throw over the couch corner. On a sectional, drape the throw over the leg of the couch for a sleek, modern look. An upholstered headboard is a totally unique location to display a throw blanket. If you want to make the blanket a permanent part of the design, keep it in place by securing it with Velcro.

Natural Beauty

A neutral-colored, antique throw blanket can tie all the colors of a room together. Whether the space is monotone with its color palette or bright and bold, a natural throw is always a great choice. These pieces can also be the perfect gift, as the neutral color will match any space.

A Comfortable Look

Folding the throw blanket against the back of the couch creates a warm and inviting look, especially if it is a vintage, woven or knit piece. These throws are especially nice in the wintertime. Set the mood by curling up next to a fireplace with a nice cup of hot cocoa and a knit or woven throw for a movie night.

Fabulous Faux

A faux fur throw can add texture and warmth to a room. They come in a variety of shades, ranging from pure white to the deepest black. The soft feeling of the faux fur can add a cozy, rustic feeling to a den or stylish living room. One tip is to not fold the faux fur throw because it is too bulky and looks better messy.

Stay Classy

Draping a throw blanket over the armrest of a couch gives the space a sophisticated vibe. A throw blanket that would coordinate perfectly in this space would be one of a classic shade, such as navy blue, white or black.

A Touch of Elegance

Matching the throw blanket to the couch pillows in the living room adds elegance to the space. Consider buying both in the same shade, or either the throw pillow or blanket in a pattern with the other in a coordinating shade. Another way to add a touch of elegance to a space is by adding a cashmere throw blanket. This refined fabric is sure to soften the look of any room.

A Pop of Color

A brightly colored throw blanket can add an unexpected twist to your favorite space. This can also apply to adding a throw blanket with a busy pattern to a room. Before decorating with such a bold statement piece, consider the overall style of the room. More of a modernly designed room would bode well with such a pop of color. Bright, floral designs can also add an accent to a vintage-themed room.

Patterned Throws

With throw blankets being sold in not only solid colors but also stripes, plaids and everything in between, it’s no wonder that a vast assortment of throw blankets is available. This will make your choice richer. Try adding a vintage, Moroccan throw to a neutral space for a pop of color or a plaid, cashmere throw blanket to a rustic space.

Extra Added Protection

To protect furnishing from pets or the sun, consider using a stylish throw blanket as a barrier. This way, the room will be accented by the throw, and the furniture will be protected from pet hair and sunlight.

Guest Room

Make simple, white bedding look more personal by adding a throw blanket. Folding it lengthwise and draping it across the end of the bed adds color to an otherwise muted space, making any guest room into a cozy home away from home.

Vintage throw blankets are very important details when styling a living space. Adding the right details and styling them with good taste will really take a house from just a house to a cozy home. So choose a vintage throw and toss it, neatly or haphazardly, over the back of a chair or couch or on the foot of a bed for cool nights and cuddling.