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Dining Table & Chair Sets


If you think about it, some of the best memories in a home happen around the dining table. That first-time Friendsgiving dinner, romantic meals with your boo, dinner parties with colleagues who have now become friends, late night sessions of cookies and milk with the kids—there is just so much that happens at the dining table. When you're shopping for a dining table and chairs set, you're effectively shopping for an important piece of your future memories. No pressure!

You should align your daily needs and design goals when you make this all-important purchase. Are you always the host like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Or are you currently elbows-deep in soccer and cello practice and having friends over means ordering in pizza and drinking wine (lots of it!)? Whatever your current life sitch, there's a vintage dining table set out there that will be just the perfect addition to your home.


About You: It’s understood that you host Friendsgiving every year and a change will leave the group shook, so without fail, come November your cocktails are seasonally themed (and on point!) and your dessert game is good enough to qualify you for the next season of British Bake Off.

The Vintage Dining Table Set: A massive 9-Piece dining set

Tips for Success: A good host is always prepared—for all possible scenarios. If your guests are likely to spring an unexpected plus one at your dinner party, it’s best to be prepared. In addition to enough F&B, an extendable dining table can be a godsend in these situations. An extra place at the table can be put together in just a couple of minutes and no one is left feeling out of the loop. If your parties are more casual than formal, we think a farmhouse dining table is ideal. If you think a sit-down dinner with candelabras and monogrammed silver is the only way to entertain, we’d recommend an antique dining table in a style like Queen Anne.

We Suggest: If you are choosing to go down the antique dining table route, there is nothing quite like a Chippendale mahogany oak leaf set. It’s just delish! There is acres of space on this gorgeous table and you will be able to serve all the options (vegan, gluten-free, no-nuts) you wish without sending food away. If you love the long expanse of the table but want something more modern, there are tons of options in materials like glass or chrome to choose from among Milo Baughman’s designs.


About You: Busy busy busy! You have no time to plan anything except a trip to the supermarket and the pediatrician. Your last meal was cereal and a juice box and your freezer is stocked with ready-to-eat meals

The Vintage Dining Table Set: A round, compact 5-Piece Dining Set

Tips for Success: Everyone knows that kids come with generous servings of push and spill. If you are a busy parent, your best friends are things that don’t break, stain or rip. Not to worry! This memo does not have to spell a compromise on style; there's a way to make this glamorous too! Choosing vinyl or leather dining chairs will minimize the damage on your kitchen table and chairs set, while keeping things classy. A round table is great for reach, especially if you have to reach over to put your kid’s phone/tablet down every couple of minutes or to top off your own wine glass once in awhile!

We Suggest: A Chromcraft table with a chrome (what else?) base and tufted vinyl bucket chairs is a super-viable low-maintenance option for the parent on the go. The materials are kid-friendly (and pet-friendly) and are likely to stay in good shape for a long time. Chromcraft’s furniture is renowned for its durability and it’s not for nothing that Chromcraft is called the ‘Cadillac of Furniture’. If you're looking for something sleeker, an Eames Tulip dining table and chairs set is a happy marriage of style and convenience that will impress the guests and indulge the kids. Where do we sign up?


About You: All your favorite restaurants have outdoor seating. You dream of a time when you can have long, lazy lunches outside like in European movies or even a makeshift dinner party on the rooftop like in Julie & Julia. Even in a city apartment with a pocket-sized balcony, you don’t want to scrimp on style or sunshine.

The Vintage Dining Table Set: A bistro-style, 3-piece dining set

Tips for Success: Finding a dining table and chairs for outdoor use can be like finding a diamond in the rough. It’s definitely difficult task but like a diamond this vintage dining table and chairs set, once found, will be priceless. Remember that when it comes to used outdoor dining sets, proof of the sets' durability is in it’s usage. A good quality used set will show wear gracefully. To increase your chances of keeping your set for longer, invest in durable materials such as teak, marble or wrought iron.

We Suggest: Nobody does hours-long lunches like the Italians. Maybe that’s why Italian furniture maker Salterini has the most exquisite furniture; it was designed for afternoons in the sun! If you love the ambience of a brunch in the orchard, moonlit dinner on the terrace, or riverside picnics and wish to transport a tiny amount of it to your city apartment, we suggest dining on the balcony. Salterini will make the space (and you!) look splendid when you step onto your balcony for tea or an evening beer. His delicate designs in sturdy materials make him a master of outdoor furniture. If Salterini feels a bit too antique and you want something with a swivel, check out Homecrest Set on Chairish. The popping colors and contoured shape of Homecrest’s dining table and chairs will transform your balcony or patio into a striking corner of your home. Eat outdoors, but in pajamas—Lo Adoro!