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If you’re searching for a vintage or antique dresser for sale, let Chairish play matchmaker! We guarantee to help make a match made in (vintage furniture) heaven.

Whether it’s a Neoclassical commode or a lacquered Postmodern waterfall dresser, there’s nothing like a vintage dresser to energize a room.

We have thousands of used dressers for sale, making us a one-stop antique-dresser shop. Discover everything from used campaign dressers painted in eye-catching hues to antique bombé chests that are perfect for turning any small alcove into a major design moment.

Unlike other retailers that have old, used dressers for sale with little style, every dresser you see on Chairish is guaranteed to showcase designer-grade style. Our in-house curation team hand-vets every dresser, ensuring that it’s in good-to-excellent condition and possesses high-quality craftsmanship. And because our inventory is increasing by the day (perhaps the minute!), you’ll find something new — always.

We call that a win!

Shop Vintage Campaign Dressers

If an antique dresser and a minimalist dresser were to have a baby, it would be to the campaign dresser. Straddling the line between historical and contemporary and decorative and minimalist, the campaign dresser is often a decorator’s style fallback. This isn’t to dismiss this classic dresser's design prowess, but rather say that a campaign dresser will work virtually anywhere.

The campaign dresser derives its name from military campaigns that required lightweight, packable furniture pieces that could be easily schlepped between battlegrounds.

Campaign dressers were designed to look and function as steamer trunks, which accounts for their hardware and side handle features that were used to carry them. Additionally, the metal caps hammered onto the corners protected campaign dressers from dents and dings.

If you want a used antique dresser in the campaign style today, you’re likely to notice that the style has been vividly reimagined.

The utilitarian metal hardware has been changed out with radiant brass handles, and the plain wood finishes have been swapped out for luxe lacquer finishes in a full spectrum of rainbow colors.

Even textural finishes like tweed and cane have entered the campaign dresser arena as of late, making it more fun than ever to search for a used chest of drawers in this classic style.

Browse Vintage Federal Dressers

If you’re looking for a vintage or used dresser that has old-world gusto but will blend seamlessly with contemporary bedroom standbys — like upholstered beds — a Federal dresser is an extraordinary option.

A broad term used to identify a style of furniture that emerged after the Revolutionary War, “Federal” furniture is generally defined by its dark wood finishes, straight legs, curved fronts and oval drawer pulls.

Unlike many old-fashioned dressers that require paint to feel 21st century-ready, Federalist dressers’ smooth, dark, finishes require no overhauling. Because they're equally elegant and modern-feeling, Federal dressers also pair easily with contemporary interiors.

In fact, adding a vintage Federal dresser to a contemporary room is among the easiest ways for design novices to achieve that all-coveted designer mix of old and new.

A bit of advice for used dresser shoppers hoping to factor a vintage Federalist dresser into a more neoteric environment: Hold out for used dressers with shapely curves and avoid Federalist pieces with blunt or blocky edges.


It’s because the Federalist style was occasionally crossed with the Chinese Chippendale style. The result is heavy, squared-off pieces that (while lovely) don’t often jive as well with modern interiors.

Discover Antique French Provincial Dressers

If you’re of the mind that real dressers have curves, a used chest of drawers in the French Provincial style is liable to send you into a blissful tailspin.

French Provincial dressers typically feature:

Wavy drawer fonts

Scrolling hardware

Curvy legs capped in tightly curled feet

Historically, the style was born out of the French provincial nobility’s intention to distance themselves from the Parisian style, which was considered to be too bourgeoisie at the time.

Its unique history accounts for why vintage French Provincial dressers echo Rococo design, but overall, showcase a remarkably pared-down design.

There’s no denying that these used dressers possess some feminine overtones, which has led to designers teaming French Provincial dressers with shabby chic style. French Provincial dressers are also popular picks for kids’ rooms, especially when they are made over with colorful paint.

If you happen to run across a used vintage dresser in this style, consider how a coat of paint might rejuvenate it: French Provincial dressers’ details take on a new dimension when varnished in a new, shell-shocking color.

Buy Beautiful Vintage Bombé Dressers

Leave it to the French to reinterpret something as divisive as a bomb to something entirely new and thoroughly chic.

Although the bombé dresser only takes its name from the linguistic derivative of the bomb (in case you haven’t gathered, that’d be “bombé” — the French word for "curved"), it’s hard not to associate this compact dresser’s shape with the notorious round explosive.

The bombé dresser features a curvy, compact body that’s hoisted atop four shapely legs. It often features a scalloped apron as well. The result is a whimsical, romantic and fairytale-like feel. Ooh la la!

Want a vintage dresser that can take on unconventional tasks, such as lending storage to an entryway or standing in as a nightstand? The bombé dresser is worth a gander.

Because of their unique shape, bombé antique dressers are usually more petite than other vintage and used dressers.

Don't fret, though. These used dressers' unique shape gives you plenty of boom for your buck, thanks to their dialed-up details.

As is the French way, bombé dressers are also frequently outfitted with ornate details. Molded scrollwork is common, as are detailed carvings and painted scenery.