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Whether you use vintage jewelry and accessories to add flair to your wardrobe (or your bureau top—seriously, no judgement, here!), there’s few easier ways to distinguish your style as one-of-a-kind. From bags and clutches, to brooches and pins, vintage jewelry and accessories can set you a notch above the rest. If you’re looking for ultimate tastemaker status, opt for a vintage handbag that can be paired with everything from cutoffs to workwear (and won’t look half bad taking a time-out on your entry console, either). Look for crossbodies from classic designers like Chanel or Valentino if you’re more of the going-out type, or duffels from iconic makers like Louis Vuitton if your weekends regularly take you on out-of-town adventures. And let’s not forget to make room for vintage clutches, which can take any LBD from basic and blah to party-ready. Looking for something a little more every day? Try a vintage scarf. Whether tied around your neck, your pony, or your bag, vintage silk scarves give any ensemble a sartorial edge. Go for Hermès scarves if you’re looking to make an heirloom you’ll pass down to your grandkids, or a chain metal scarf if you’re more into turning heads right here and now. Want to kick up your style even more? Check out our selection of vintage brooches and pins. Go for a rhinestone encrusted pin if you’re on the hunt for next level-glamour or a colored enamel brooch (FYI: we’re smitten with the animal ones) to make an everyday outfit feel anything but every day.