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  • Lawn chair

    Free to List

    Listing is fast and FREE! Add pics, a story and some details; then set your price.

  • Pencil

    Curated & Composed

    We approve items that appeal to Chairish shoppers and touch up photos for maximum attraction.

  • Handshake

    Verified Buyers

    Receive and respond to verified offers & questions. Opt in to offer discounts to interior designers.

  • Moving truck

    Facilitated Shipping

    We'll organize shipping details for you, or you can opt in for local pick up and delivery.

  • Money sign

    Get Paid!

    After the 48-hour return window, we send you 70% or more of the sale price via PayPal. Learn more.

Consignment Options

Chairish has multiple selling options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a new home for your grandmother's heirlooms, or you're a professional dealer with a warehouse full of unique finds, there's a plan for everyone.

  • Consignor

    • 1 - 9 active listings
    • Free membership

    This is our basic seller account plan, which is great for design lovers just starting out with selling or with only a few items to sell.

    Commission Rate
    30% Flat Rate
    Consignor Benefits
    Free Listing
    Curated & Composed Products
    Verifieid Buyers
    Facilitated Shipping
    Standard Payments
  • Professional

    • 10+ active listings
    • Free membership

    This is our standard professional seller account plan, which is great for sellers with a mid-size inventory of at least 10 items.

    Commission Rate
    20% Tiered Rate — See Below
    Professional Benefits
    Free Listing
    Curated & Composed Products
    Verified Buyers
    Facilitated Shipping
    Standard Payments
  • Elite

    • 10+ active listings
    • $149/month

    Introducing our new Elite subscription for sellers! $149/month will give you a higher level of service, faster payments, business analytics and more!

    Commission Rate
    20% Tiered Rate — See Below
    Elite Benefits
    Professional Benefits Plus
    Expedited Payment
    Quarterly Business Review
    $30 Monthly Promoted Listing Credit
    "Fast-Tracked" Listing Approval
    Shop Curation Tools
    Bulk Listing Tools
    Dedicated Account Representative
    30% Off Transcription Services
    Expedited Customer Support

Professional & Elite Tiered Commission

Tier 1:
20% Commission on amounts less than or equal to $2,500
Tier 2:
12% Commission on amounts between $2,501 - $25,000
Tier 3:
3% Commission on amounts greater than $25,000
Your item sells for:$40,000
We will charge: 
20% on the first $2,500-$500
12% on the next $22,500-$2,700
3% on the next $15,000-$450
You will earn 91%$35,350

Chairish will pay you the Sale Amount, less Commission and any Permitted Deductions, and subject to the Shipping and Returns Policy (the resulting amount, "Final Proceeds").

"Sale Amount" means the sales price for which your item was sold, or the price that we actually received from the buyer. This excludes amounts assessed on the sale (like taxes and duties), shipping and delivery cost paid by the buyer, and transaction fees such as credit card transaction costs, international and bank-wire fees.

"Commission" means the percentage of the Sale Amount paid to Chairish for your use of the Service. The Commission percentage is determined by your Seller plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about selling on Chairish

  • For smaller items include packing costs in your pricing when listing. Then carefully package your items for shipping & use the Chairish-provided shipping label to mail promptly. For larger items be available during business hours for furniture pickup.

  • Yes! If you are a professional seller who regularly buys and sells items at your own shop, flea markets, online, or through social media, then we'd love to connect you with a knowledgeable member of our Sales & Merchandising team. Please contact us at

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