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A Dog's Tale


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“A Dog’s Tale” is built on the belief that like wine & cheese, peanut butter & chocolate or Anthony & Cleopatra, some pairings are just meant to be.

Canine collectibles have been designed throughout history in celebration of dogs and our extraordinary connection to them. So it stands to reason that just like their flesh and fur counterparts, canine collectibles look to us for love, gentle care, and that special place to call home.

Each item in our shop has been loved and cared for, and is now ready to bond with its new owner. Our items come to us from a variety of places, each carrying a history uniquely specific to its design, place of origin, and previous ownership.

While, like the real dogs that they depict, past history is very much a part of who or what they are, to us, their future is far more important. For that reason, we strive to tell each potential buyer as much as we can accurately can about each porcelain, bronze, painted, stitched, or sketched dog that we represent.

We are also concerned with how each piece “speaks” to a potential new owner, how it fits into their home, or the home of a friend, if it intended as a gift. Sharing your pride and love for your favorite piece from A Dog’s Tale is about becoming part of the history of that piece, and it is the beginning of a new chapter in that dog’s story.

We strive to do our very best to ensure that it is a beautiful one.