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    Wondering why my goodies seem to be a cut above the rest? Why my light fixtures and lamps, in particular, set cats yowling, bees buzzing, and elephants trumpeting?

    It's all about two factors: experience and attention to detail. Mine? Nice idea, but I can't take all the credit! Read on....

    I've now been buying in France for over 15 years. For the more than ten years before I set my sights on France I specialized in lighting, and the skills I accumulated during those early years put me in exactly the right spot for dealing with French lighting. Well, sort of. If you've ever put an American lamp next to a French lamp you know that we're comparing Ripple to Rothschild. Ha-ha, but No Joke.

    And yes, that is the famed 23-piece German Art Deco cocktail shaker that you see banking across the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly, I've long since sold it, so no need to ask!