The Chairish Artist Collective brings together emerging voices across the artistic spectrum, all of whom are up-and-comers you’ll want to know. Whether you’re looking for paintings, prints, collages, or any time of medium, there’s a thought-provoking piece to be had. We surveyed the works of dozens of artists to identify the trends that are shaping the art scene this season. See our picks below, and find your own favorite in the Chairish Artist Collective.

An array of saturated pop art featuring bright colors and abstract design.

Saturated Pop

You know the old saying: “too much is never enough.” These color-rich pieces prove that to be true, with eye-popping shades in every hue. Say goodbye to gray with art that’s designed to make a statement, catch your eye, and cause a smile.

Key Artists: Tony Marine; Nicole Newsted; Jack Verhaeg; Brooks Burns

An array of paintings and drawings featuring gestural techniques with muted pastel colors.

Gestural Techniques

This one is a return to the classics, with traditional applications of paint and ink in flowing, sweeping strokes. You can see the work of the artist in each piece, as figures are brought to life with the expert use of artistic instruments whether it be a landscape, portrait, or abstract work.

Key Artists: Heidi L Bilezikian; Lara Lee Meintjes; Gretchen Kelly; Sarah Myers Art

An array of reductive landscape paintings with bright colors and abstract design.

Reductive Landscapes

Gone are the hyper-literal landscape paintings, replaced with artworks that cleverly break the world down to its components. Blocks of color and expressive forms give the impression of the landscape, allowing viewers to interpret the work and make out familiar natural shapes from painted ideas.

Key Artists: Trixie Pitts; Michelle Heimann Art; Carrie Megan Abstract Landscapes; Cat Huss

An array of paintings and posters featuring red, pink, yellow, and gold colors.

Warm Hues

As fall approaches, we’re feeling those rustic, warming colors: reds, golds, greens, and even sunny yellows. These pieces embrace some of our favorite hues, whether they’re abstract florals, figure studies, or the occasional Negroni-loving print

Key Artists: Marisa Añón; Lesley Grainger; Bill Tansey Art; Tatiana Alida Design

An array of art pieces featuring glam geometry with metallic accents for an 80's feel.

Glam Geometry

The creative interplay of shapes played against each other is the highlight of this trend. Angular lines, soft circles, and rough edges work together to create an interesting visual balance between individual elements with an almost 80’s-retro feel that’s updated for the present day.

Key Artists: Chloe Hedden; Carolyn Reed Barritt; Josh Yöung Design House; Ilana Greenberg

An array of pastel paintings and drawings with abstract subjects.


These aren’t grandma’s pastels. The delicate colors traditionally associated with spring color stories and Easter bonnets have been updated with some serious edge, represented here by riotous abstracts, colorful nudes, and more.

Key Artists: Heidi L Bilezikian; Sarah Trundle; Happy Menocal Studio; Anna Pepe

An array of paintings and posters representing Mother Earth in traditional and more abstract ways.

Mother Earth

Since we’re all trying to focus more on sustainability these days, it stands to reason that Mother Nature would appear on this list. Here, she’s embodied through actual female forms, with some nods to Matisse, as well as colorful natural scenes and vibrantly-hued florals.

Key Artists: Michelle F.; Rochelle Sodipo; Sarah Gordon Design; Monica Shulman


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August 11, 2021

Dennis Sarlo is the executive editor of Chairish and a lover of all things design-related. Prior to joining the team, he served as the executive editor of Dering Hall and was the first site director of Architectural Digest. He was also part of the founding team of travel startup Jetsetter. He lives in New York.