An all new manifestation of our illustrious pop-up is baaaack at the venerable Bergdorf Goodman! On Bergdorf’s famed 7th floor through April 8th 2024, the wholly immersive experience features one-of-a-kind pieces by new and beloved Chairish artists. If you can’t make it in person (and you really should!) see the artists’ work right here. Special thanks to our supporting partner, Schumacher.

Want more? Get the inside story on The Chairish Podcast. Our host, Michael Boodro interviews Linda Fargo, the store’s legendary head of fashion and display, about her illustrious career, how she keeps Bergdorf in the forefront of fashion and design, what she sees ahead, and why Chairish and Bergdorf Goodman are ideal collaborators. Listen here.


Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

Our first space is an art-filled patisserie offering curated confections in homage to Bergdorf Goodman alongside other iconic New York destinations. In addition, we tapped Chairish’s most beloved artists to create limited edition artworks using Bergdorf’s iconic shopping bags. Eye candy, indeed. Can’t visit in person? Peruse the patisserie display case below.

Left to Right: Works by Tess Ramirez, Alice Ford, Erika Lee Sears, and Euan Roberts

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

Check into the Hotel Chairish and just press the buzzer for all your fashionable dreams, delivered. Everything a jet-setting It Girl (or Boy) adores is here, from trophy portraits of favorite designer shoes and handbags to souvenirs from far-flung holidays. Or, shop from your sofa for all your art dreams, delivered.

Left to Right: Works by Lia Burke Libaire, Tug Rice, Pauline de Roussay de Sales, and Sean Kratzert

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

Game, Set, Canvas: Our tennis pavilion-inspired gallery features a talented set of artists serving up a visual feast of paintings and sculptures that capture the timeless allure of the game. Welcome to the Chairish Racquet Club. (No membership required; each artist is a click away.)

Left to Right: Works by Virginia Chamlee, Melo Porter, Ron Giusti, and Sean Ellison

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

New York’s hottest club is Veruca’s Nightcap. This joint has everything: champagne, caviar, zebras, disco balls, debauchery and even a golden goose. Room-fulls of laughter. All the things she’s after. Keep the party going and the good times flowing, or she’s going to scream. “Daddy, I want it now!” (Instant gratification awaits you below.)

Left to Right: Works by Brooks Burns, Juri Gallery, Jenny Walton, and JD Studio

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

White and blue, anew. Against a backdrop of Delftware-inspired designs, we’ve reimagined the classics in a room that cuts through clichés. A mix of hues and textures adds dimension, while pop culture and ageless references commingle. A fresh, balanced take on tradition.

Left to Right: Works by Aldous Bertram, Brock deBoer, Ron Giusti, and Liz Marsh

The Chairish Art Gallery Artists

Aldous Bertram
Alice Ford
Anamaria Morris
Bernie Kaminski
Bibbi Anderson
Bridgette Duran
Brock DeBoer
Brooks Burns
Carla Sutera Sardo
Cristina Rizzi Guelfi
Erika Lee Sears
Euan Roberts
Hope Olson
Jack Olsen
Jenny Walton
Joanna Powell
Kate Schelter
Lia Burke Libaire
Liz Marsh
Lucia Jones
Melo Porter
Manuel Santelices
Mindy Carpenter
Monica Shulman
Noah Verrier
Pauline de Roussy de Sales
Pearce Williams
Rhiannon Salisbury
Ron Giusti
Sean Kratzert
Seth Fairweather
Shaun Ellison
Studio DeSimoneWayland
Tess Ramirez
Virginia Chamlee

January 17, 2024

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