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    I am a professional artist who has been making work for over 20 years. I received a formal arts education with a BFA from The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati.
    I am currently working on two separate bodies of work. My "Figurative Series" Are paintings filled with whimsical figures in fantastic clothes, patterns and bold colors. The subjects in my paintings are enjoying the relationships and bonds they have as family and or friends. Wether they are out on a boat together, dancing by the beach or just sitting by a lemon tree , they are enjoying being together. Which I find to be just lovely and the most important part of my life....connecting with people!
    The other series is my "Abstract Series" In this body of work I am interested in creating a colorful and joyful experience for the viewer.
    These works are very intuitive as I am constantly shifting and responding to the color, mark or shape I have made. Much like improvisational jazz or dancing they are not -planned these works are about my response to what has previously happened on the paper or canvas. The Addition and subtraction of various marks results in these beautiful layers of controlled chaos. These paintings are created with various materials (acrylics, oils, pencil, markers) both canvas and paper for these works.