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    My shop is featuring the art created by Tony Trezza (1922-2021)
    Anthony 'Tony' Trezza was my father. He was born in South Philadelphia, one of 7 children. After graduating from South Philadelphia High School for Boys, Tony attended both the Philadelphia Museum School of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, spending four years at each college.

    He attended the Academy post WWII and was graduated from there in 1947. It was at the Academy that he carved his first marble sculpture.

    Tony passed away in September 2021, just days before his 99th birthday. He left us a great legacy of art, paintings, sculptures, architectural monument designs and of course his advertising agency portfolio of work.

    We are keeping many of our Dad's creations, however, art should be enjoyed and Tony would have loved to know that his works are being displayed and living on in the world.

    I am listing his maquettes at present, will be listing paintings and architectural drawings and some marble sculptures in the near future.
    All art and sculpture by Tony Trezza from this shop come with a certificate of authenticity.

    Video of Tony's gallery talk about his marble sculpting process: (2006)

    He has a Facebook page and is on Instagram also @Tony_Trezza_Sculptor

    July 31, 2023, it has been almost two years since my father, Tony, passed away. We sold his home and art studio not quite a year later. It was quite a feat to organize and move out all his sculptures, paintings, drawings and copies of advertising ads and campaigns that he created.

    Seems like I keep finding new things, large sketch pads full of life drawings, croquis sketches, oil and acrylic paintings and watercolors, many from the mid to late 1940s. These were done when Tony was studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.
    In process of listing more items...