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French Dinnerware

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Just as with furniture, dishware displays significant French influences, some borrowed from Chinese and Japanese techniques. Through modern, vintage and antique pottery available through Chairish’s curated selection, you have the opportunity to explore these shapes, constructions and visual motifs.

What is French Pottery?

The techniques for composing French pottery and china date back to the 17th century. Early pieces were based on Eastern hard-paste porcelain methods, which translated to a soft-paste version in France. Later, as kaolin clay was discovered near Limoges, a more original French dinnerware style took hold, with its influence eventually stretching across Europe. Visually, French pottery of this era displayed rococo, Louis XVI, Empire and faience styling. Later, glazed earthenware gained a degree of popularity. You’ll spot many of these evolutions among Chairish’s selection.

A Tour of French Pottery and Ceramics

Explore these older eras through Chairish’s edited array of antique pottery. Find modern and vintage French dinner and bistro plates, crockery, full dinnerware sets and fine china, including in more elevated and country styles. Create your own adventure through dinnerware, uncovering something unique while keeping older pieces and their respective styles in rotation.

Questions & Answers

Does Chairish have french dinnerware items on sale?
Yes! We have 260+ french dinnerware items on sale.
Do you carry white french dinnerware items?
We have french dinnerware items in popular colors including white, green, and blue.
Do you carry ceramic french dinnerware items?
Ceramic, porcelain, and china are our most popular french dinnerware material types.
What are the shipping options for french dinnerware items?
French dinnerware items can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
How many vintage french dinnerware items does Chairish have in stock?
We have 1,000+ vintage french dinnerware items in stock.
Can I get free shipping on french dinnerware items from Chairish?
Yes! Select french dinnerware items ship for free from Chairish.