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We select dishware brands that captivate us. Examining decades of design, we regularly return to Russel Wright dishes for their beautiful forms and high-quality construction.

About Russel Wright Dinnerware

Russel Wright launched its first line of dinnerware in 1939 with the American Modern collection, produced by the Steubenville Pottery Company in Ohio. Over the next two decades, the brand impressed homeowners with its colorful and versatile offerings, selling over 250 million pieces in the process. As such, vintage Russel Wright Steubenville dishes, made from earthenware and in shades like coral, seafoam and chartreuse, date from this period.

The next significant line of Russel Wright dinnerware is the Iroquois of New York series, made of high-fired china. From here, Russel Wright experimented with materials, creating the plastic-based Melmac, and eventually furniture. Today, Russel Wright dishware is produced by Bauer Pottery of Southern California.

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Even decades after its debut, we remain impressed with Russel Wright dishes, from their simple designs to the distinctive and recognizable colors. As you build your own collection of dishware, explore both vintage and modern Russel Wright plates and serving options through Chairish’s curated selection. Not only does this add a retro touch to your home, but ends up being more sustainable in the process.

Questions & Answers

Does Chairish have russel wright dinnerware items on sale?
Yes! We have less than 10 russel wright dinnerware items on sale.
How many vintage russel wright dinnerware items does Chairish have in stock?
We have less than 10 vintage russel wright dinnerware items in stock.
Do you carry pink russel wright dinnerware items?
We have russel wright dinnerware items in popular colors including pink, orange, and blue.
Do you carry ceramic russel wright dinnerware items?
Ceramic, china, and pottery are our most popular russel wright dinnerware material types.
What are the shipping options for russel wright dinnerware items?
Russel wright dinnerware items can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.