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    I am updating my Profile information to relay the fact that a move is imminent for us. The specific destination is unclear at this point, as I weigh relative professional opportunities, but one location being considered is Europe. After a quote of $120,000 to move all our worldly goods to Europe, it seemed time to get more aggressive in selling what is listed and bringing new items into inventory in the very near future. So if you are on the cusp of a purchase, I can only encourage you to do so before these items slip through your fingers and instead accompany us to parts unknown at this point.

    Summer is here and the time and price are right to be buying goodies from me! Previously I have reduced prices to their final iteration for many pieces in the interest in placing items into as many new homes that will be far more personal and unique by virtue of your purchase.

    As stated previously, and now even more true than before, I defy all but necessary laws of physics. I am also unclear on the scope of the word "necessary".

    An analysis of Mid-life crisis options resulted in pursuit of an LL.M. in International Arbitration as the primary option and the one most likely to be profitable. The remodeling of our home, the red Porsche and a Ferrari option ranked subsequently. While an advanced legal degree is a serious matter for serious minded people, subsequent options were much more about personal expression and fun. In the end, all of these classic mid-life crisis options were recognized in the interest of balance. I realize that may come across sounding nerdy or elitist. I shall take full ownership of the nerd designation, but elitism is in the eye of the beholder and so will allow others to make whatever determination they may wish. Those determinations allow me a sense of perspective and, again, balance necessary to actualize the fullest life possible, and I am grateful for each one conveyed to me.

    While I may refer to myself as "amateur philologist and phonologist" at cocktail parties, I have done so to invite outside perspective of my relative nerditivity using terms unfamiliar to most people after two martinis. But at its core, it means that I am a below-average Latin scholar who loves words, and the evolution of words. I collect them, and knowledge about them. I collect other treasures as well and some of these are now being offered to the public on this site, both as the items themselves but also personal statements of style or perceived necessity.

    So now, after earning that degree, sufficient therapy, snowboarding and the bounty of a wonderfully complex woman with whom to share my life, I finally feel open enough to exchange both personal information and the items because I believe that every potential purchaser from my "store" should understand that each piece has its own story in which I play the part of curator and narrator. I am excited by the prospect of narrating the story of these items as part of their exchange, both in the description or in response to questions regarding an item. So please feel free to ask any question you might have regarding a specific item.

    Inventory represents the aggregate of specific pieces previously found to be necessary to accomplish my personal aesthetic ("the rug really tied the room together, man.") and are now offered for one uncomplicated reason. I am married to Angel (pictured) who works remarkably hard in educating and providing services to families with children with autism throughout South America. In addition to the more practical aspects of her vocation, she is known for her instruction in the highest level of Autism Spectrum methodology and protocol available to undergraduate, graduate students as well as fellow professionals, worldwide. As an international advocate she inspires families, students and professionals to follow her example with respect to her world view and life's work in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    After meeting and subsequently marrying, my purchases have had little to do with my own personal aesthetic and are mainly to delight and distract an amazing woman from the enormity of the scope and importance of her work, if even just momentarily. Since new acquisitions are for reasons outside of myself, my perspective or my nerdism, an inventory has been created for sale which includes those things purchased, or inherited and retained for personal reasons which are no longer relevant to me.

    Sales of treasures to those found to be ill-suited are rarely entertained because the majority of these are items have been held and maintained more in keeping with the concept of stewardship than ownership. As a result, we only entertain those transactions that represent a civility in negotiation that holds the greatest likelihood for happy agreement between like-minded individuals with respect to certain piece, or an entire collection. So where the right amount of cash intersects with an appropriate future curator or an interesting trade is presented, we will gladly part with the item(s) and hopefully make new friends, interesting acquaintances and further extend a network of stewardship for these pieces in the process.

    Please take the time to peruse and enjoy our store and its attendant inventory of booty and trinkets, while remembering to visit frequently as the inventory is never static in nature. New items appear less frequently than I might like, but this is because the process of introducing inventory is something that we do not undertake casually. Finally, items will likely appear in larger groups of listings which reflect both economies of scale and the limitations on the time available to create these new listings.

    Happy shopping and thank you for visiting our virtual shop!