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    Women-owned publishing and art house. Based in Washington, DC, we re-publish classic novels into luxury coffee table books we call Art Novels. The full original text of the novel is paired with fine art from diverse artists and modern-day commentary from literary scholars. All fine art in the Art Novel is available for sale.

    Our mission is to honor beloved stories by evolving them to reflect the values of tomorrow. We offer new and old readers alike a modern way to experiences timeless tales. We produce books that honor the literary legacy of the work while viewing it through the lens of modern intellectual curiosity.
    When we challenge the past while also sharing our appreciation of the classics, we believe treasured stories can continue to live on and evolve alongside their readers.

    Embracing each other for the ride, we attracted incredible artists and thinkers to help us open minds to new thoughts through our dashingly beautiful books and incredible fine art. Join us on this journey of rediscovery, reflection, but most of all, connection.