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Decorating and redecorating, be it the professional or amateur kind, is seriously tough business; we hear you designers and homeowners! There are just SO many fabulous furniture options out there, making the decision on even the most basic pieces a difficult task. For instance: the dresser. If you typed "dressers for sale" into your search bar, we guarantee that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of types, sizes and styles of dressers that would pop up. Choices, choices! Not to worry, help is at hand. To make picking the perfect dresser easier, here are six different types of dressers to consider.

Campaign Dresser

Styled after military campaign furniture (sneakily packable furniture that featured simple, boxy wood construction, inset hardware, and brass corner caps), campaign dressers are as timeless as can be. Today, campaign dressers have ditched the travel connotations, although they still remain effortlessly chic when it comes to their vibe. Flip through any shelter mag and it's easy to see campaign dressers are beloved by interior designers, who rely on them for everything from adding a dash of sophistication to a kid's room, to adding a lightness to an study that might otherwise be skewing a bit too stuffy. Wood campaign dressers might still be top banana, but more and more it’s becoming common to find them in glossy, lacquered painted finishes in vibrant colors like fuchsia, chartreuse, or navy blue. Campaign dressers in textural finishes, be they tweed or raffia are also increasing in popularity. Thanks to their boxy construction, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the many finishes a campaign dresser can take!

Federal Dresser

Historically speaking, Federal style furniture is furniture constructed immediately after the Revolutionary war (think late 18th century). It has many unique characteristics, such as straight legs rather than curved legs and usually showcases a rich mahogany finish. One of the most famous examples of Federal style of furniture is the Oval Office Grandfather clock. Federal dressers, in particular, often feature a tall bank of wavy front drawers embellished with oval drawer pulls. This antique dresser can turn a bedroom into a cozy little farmhouse, adding oodles of charm and character to your space. A Federal dresser’s impeccable design makes them a staple that will always be in vogue. If you love the style of a Federal dresser but want something a bit updated, check out a model from a contemporary brand like Arhaus or Ethan Allen. Both makers put a modern twist on Federalist furniture that’s too fabulous not to love!

Provincial Dresser

If you’re done with the urban chic and want to recall the romantic era of yesteryear, the Provincial dresser is the dresser for you. Born out of the provincial nobility’s intention to distance themselves from the Parisian style, (which was originally considered to be too urban), The French Provincial style has a fairytale quality. Curvy legs capped in curled feet, wavy drawers fronts, and ornate brass hardware are all keystones of the look. While the majority of vintage French Provincial furniture is brown wood, more and more these pieces are undergoing makeovers and receiving new glossy coats of colored paint. Pastels are common, but increasingly so are bold, vibrant hues like Kelly green and turquoise blue. For those who like to straddle styles, a single piece of bolder colored French Provincial dressers can be paired with more modern furniture fairly easily.

Bombe Dresser

Why is it called a Bombe dresser, you ask? To break it down; Bombé means "curved" in French and this dresser was named after its resemblance to a certain rotund explosive. Thanks to their small size and playful little-teapot vibe, these shapely antique dressers work perfectly as an accent piece in a hallway or entry and will give you a lot of boom for your buck. Traditionally, these dressers aren’t very tall, with maybe two or three drawers at the most. Bombe dressers wear color spectacularly well and often showcase elaborate painted scenes on their front, often Chinoiserie in style. Playful, vintage, and oh-so chic, a Bombe dresser is just bomb.

Bamboo Dresser

Why bother to fit in when you can stand out? When you type in “dressers for sale” into your search tab, it pulls up thousands of options. One that you should be zeroing in on, especially if the more colorful dressers pique your interest? Bamboo dressers. From peacock blue to lemony yellow and mint green, if you love color, a Mid-Century Modern Bamboo dresser might be for you. Check out Bamboo experts like Dixie, Henry Link, Ficks Reed and Thomasville on Chairish. In addition to offering an enticing pop of color, there are dozens of other perks to landing a bamboo dresser from one of the above brands: durability, strength, and a variety of styles, to name a few. If you're in the market for a distinctive looking dresser that will wear with grace, put a bamboo beauty on your list.

Danish Dresser

Sometimes timeless and goes-with-anything is where it’s at. When that’s the case nothing brings it quite like a Danish dresser. A style that originated in the mid 20th Century, Danish dressers are minimal, a touch sculptural, and often crafted of hardwoods like teak and walnut. Thanks to their multitude of drawers and cabinets (the Danish modernists were pros at squeezing in storage space), Danish dressers are ideal for more than just bedrooms, too. Pop one in a dining room as a makeshift buffet, or even use one in an entry, the same way you’d use a credenza or console. Cool stylings make Danish dressers a natural fit just about anywhere. Celebrated designers who created Danish dressers include George Nelson and Paul McCobb. If you're not looking to spend lavishly, don’t worry. Find a used Danish dresser for sale. The superior craftsmanship of these dressers will stand the test of time. Whee!