With the holidays revving up, the hour is right for hostess gifts. If you’re looking for crowd-pleasing ways to say “thank you” that feel equal parts chic and personalized, we’ve got you covered! We reached out to 19 sensational interior designers for the deets on their go-to hostess gifts for the holiday season, and beyond. The result? An all hits, no filler list that’s so good you might be tempted to treat yourself to a little something!

Photo by Lisa Romerein / OTTO

Something Personal

“I just love a set of monogrammed cocktail napkins. After spending time in my host’s home, I have a set of monogrammed cocktail napkins made in a custom color palette based on the décor in their home. I like to choose a quirky color combo that my host may not have chosen on their own. Something bold or special; something memorable.” — Ashley Whittaker 

“I love to bring a great design book that has been signed by the author for that more personalized touch. I will often buy a few copies of books and ask the author to sign them all to have on hand for just this occasion.” — Shelley Johnstone 

“A small vintage or antique object that’s very personal; a little piece of pottery or a pretty box.” — Bill Brockschmidt of Brockschmidt & Coleman

Photo by Lisa Romerein / OTTO

Something For the Home

“An orchid in a mossy terracotta pot.” — Miles Redd 

“A backgammon board.” — Anthony Baratta 

“A handmade ceramic piece from Nic Newcomb Pottery. He’s a good friend, and I am addicted to everything he makes, especially the dinnerware and open bowls.” — Tharon Anderson

Something Relaxing

“Bath salts or face mask for the hostess.” — Sarah Wittenbraker 

“Often we get Tomoko gift cards for our friends as a relaxing thank you gift.” — Studio Life/Style 

Photo by Lesley Unruh

Something Scented

BYREDO candle.”— Jen Auerbach 

Jo Malone is always a good idea.” — Richard Ouellette 

“A candle from Astier de Villate.” — Matthew Carter 

“A travel-inspired candle from our friends at Niven Morgan.”— Madcap Cottage

Bougie Apothicaire Graphite Candle.” — Cortney Bishop

Manuel Canovas candles. Any of them. I worked for the famed antique dealer Joel Chen in my late twenties and he always had them burning; I have been hooked since.” — Mary McDonald

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Photo by David Tsay / OTTO

Something Yummy

“A box of fresh pastries for the hostess to enjoy the next morning.” —Lindsey Lane 

“My homemade biscotti. I’ve been perfecting my secret recipe for the last twenty years.” — Eche Martinez 

“A big container of really good olive oil from Food52. It comes in a beautiful wooden box.” — Barrie Benson

“I love to give truffled almonds. And over the holidays, Caroline’s Caramel Cakes.” — Meg Braff

Something Free!

“A sincere thank you and an invitation into your own home.” — Celerie Kemble

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Lead photo by David Tsay / OTTO

December 1, 2019

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