Soup Tureens

Gently Used, Vintage, and Antique Soup Tureens


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Soup Tureens

If you are always the host (à la Monica Geller) and someone who enjoys cooking formal sit-down meals, there's likely a course that always leaves you feeling unnecessarily fussy. Any guesses? That's right: soup! Tired of ladling your bubbling broth out in the kitchen, only for it to be cold by the time it reaches the table? Not sure if you should carry the big bowl it’s been cooked in? And if so, what should you cover said bowl with? If these questions sound all too familiar, you need a soup tureen. You are welcome. The perfect dish to serve soups or stews in, these tureens are as handy as they are gorgeous. A tureen comes with an en suite platter and a lid, which means that the soup can be carried to the table in elegant form and it stays hot. Pretty much all that we are looking for in soup storage, if we are being totally honest! Boho chic or classically elegant, you can find a tureen that fits your style. From elegant china patterns to ones styled after whimsical objects like a cabbage or a clamshell, there are tons of design options to choose from. A soup tureen is also an easy way to add a touch of glamour to your dinner table party. After all, if you are entertaining, you might as well do it in style! You’ll catch yourself making soup more often than before, just for the pleasure of serving it in your tureen. Side note, soup tureens also make for great gifts. If you have the silverware covered, but are looking for the right seating options for your dining room, check out Dining table and chair sets on Chairish.