The Glitter Guide's Founder on The Perfect Hostess Gift

In addition to bringing some on-point conversation (along with your killer fashion sense) to the next fête you attend, a vintage hostess gift will make you the toast of your favorite host. “As a working mom of two littles, I don’t have the time to go hunting for vintage like I used to, so I use Chairish to help me find those gems,” says Taylor Sterling, founder of the beloved lifestyle website Glitter Guide. “I think vintage is fun for hostess gifts because you can guarantee that no one else is going to be gifting that item.” We tapped this tastemaker for advice on navigating the waters of giftable goodies, and her oh-so-chic picks are sure to surprise, not to mention delight.


Do Your Homework (aka Social Stalking)

“It pays to do your research,” says Taylor. “Look at their home and see what trends you see. Check out their Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to see if you can spot the things they love. Even if it’s just a color, you can search for things on Chairish by that color and find what would be ideal for them.” For instance, one look around Taylor’s home reveals a love of elegant, vintage entertaining accoutrement, like silver champagne coupes. Noted! “People really appreciate when you put that personalized thought into a gift.”

Embrace the Unexpected

A unique host calls for an equally unique gift. Taylor zeros in on a charming set of dusty rose vintage books. “They’re not something you would typically think of as a hostess gift,” she says, “but if you know the host is a book lover and enjoys things with character, then these would be perfect.” Giving the vintage version of a common hostess gift is also a great way to take things up a notch on the novelty scale. “A vintage set of gold bar tools is a pretty and sweet hostess gift,” says Taylor.

Nail the Presentation

Presentation is an important part of gifting well, but that doesn’t have to mean lots of time or an elaborate wrap job. In fact, for both her books and bar tools suggestions, Taylor would simple reach for a bit of ribbon. “Both of these items would be so pretty wrapped in vintage velvet ribbon. I would tuck some flowers into the ribbon on the books.”

Take Notes

Sometimes the best source for hostess gift ideas is just remembering things you’ve received, or seen others give, that really stood out. “My favorite way to give hostess gifts is inspired by my mother-in-law and how she does gifts,” says Taylor. “She finds a unique basket and fills it with things like wine, gourmet chocolates, glasses, and a candle. Having it all together looks beautiful and feels really special.” Another strategy: think about what you’d love to receive. As for Taylor, “a vintage Japanese tea set to add to my collection” is currently at the top of this stylish host’s wish list.


Photography by Emily Scott @EmtheGem 


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October 28, 2017

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