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    Oblik studio is a custom metal fabrication and furniture design shop in Brooklyn NY owned by designer Douglas Werner. A native New Yorker Doug grew up in Manhattan from a French mother and a German father. At the age of 10 the family emigrated to The North west of France. He only returned in 2004 after receiving degrees in Architecture and Art history. He worked until 2010 for New York Architecture/ Design firms Conant architects and Studio Gaia on a variety of small to very large scale corporate and hospitality projects all over North America and Asia. Oblik studio was founded in 2011 with the desire to develop a very unique, very distinct and very organic metal esthetic. Pristine smooth surfaces and unblemished even finishes are simply not natural. Modernist era perfection has a rigidity that is not conducive to a laid back and relaxed state of mind. Instead it tends to blur individuality into a common look of boring, monotony and neutral colors that reflect our own sad imperfections. Oblik Studio offers a line of heirloom metal furniture that is painstakingly designed, fabricated and finished by the hands of Douglas Werner himself in his Brooklyn Williamsburg Studio.
    When he is not in his workshop Doug travels all over Europe and Asia with his wife in search of inspiration and unique metal decor pieces. He particularly enjoys the northern coast of Brittany ( France) and only feels completely at home in his mother sea side cottage .