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Founded in 1953 by one Paul Goldman (known as one of the founders of plywood technology), Plycraft brought plywood to the people (in impossibly chic, modern designs) for decades afterward. In the spirit and style of Eames and Nelson, these pieces are very well constructed and timeless, to boot.You might recognize Plycraft as the company behind Mr. Chair, designed by George Mulhauser. With a single-shell back, winged arms, tufted leather seat, and a snazzy name, Mr. Chair exemplifies modern design. Picture this: Sitting on a pair of Mr. Chairs by a large window, catching up with a friend, coffee (or, drink of choice) in hand. Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. If you’re looking for something along the lines of abstract minimalism, check out the Rockwell Chair, named for illustrator Norman Rockwell who publicized the chair on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Also known as the Cherner Chair, after its designer Norman Cherner, this seat features a funky triangular back, a skinny waist, and for armchair variations, bent plywood arms that seem to reach out from the back of the chair. This chair has both upholstered and bare plywood versions, making it perfect as an accent chair or dining chair. Want a real touch of pure mid-century style in your rooms? Pick up a vintage or used Plycraft chair for the living room or dining room.