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Norman Cherner

A pioneer in molded plywood, Norman Cherner was a master of wood. Nowhere is Cherner's mastery more apparent than his namesake chair, the Cherner chair. Also known as the Pretzel Chair (thanks to its swooping arms that connect to an hourglass-shaped seat), the Cherner chair was originally created for Plycraft in 1958. Unfortunately, Cherner didn’t get the royalties for his famous design until 1961 when he sued Plycraft over naming rights. In the aftermath, the Cherner chair was spotted only in museums or collectors’ homes for decades. All of this changed, however, after Norman Cherner’s children opted to relaunch his designs in recent years. An immediate sensation, the Cherner chair has since become an iconic mark of class and style (think: Birkin bag or Tiffany's—you know what we mean!) Add armless Cherner chairs along your breakfast island for the perfect melding of casual and chic, or drop a single classic Cherner chair alongside a credenza to make an entryway more functional (same goes for a dresser in a bedroom). Being both practical and sculptural, a Cherner Pretzel chair is a marvelous idea just about anywhere, which is why it's earned serious snaps from today's top designers. So, if you're looking to make a smashing statement with your furniture, grab a Cherner chair (or a trio!) and watch them work their twisty-turny magic.