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Grandfather Clocks

If you're tired of reaching for your phone or squinting at a digital clock that's too far away, we have a stylish solution to your problem: a grandfather clock! But first, tell us, have you ever wondered why it was called a grandfather clock and not a grandmother clock? Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with Gramps being tardy. In 1875, American songwriter Henry Work wrote a song based on a large pendulum clock in George Hotel of North Yorkshire (as the lore goes, the clock stopped dead to the minute when the last owner of the hotel died—spooky) called "My Grandfather’s Clock" and the name stuck. Let us tell it to you straight: NOW is the time (not sorry!) to make a grandfather clock your very own. A grandfather clock will jazz up any room. We can see one nestled amidst stylish British Colonial furniture in a living room or standing tall in the dining room as you entertain guests. A traditional grandfather clock is also timeless (we can’t stop ourselves) and 100% heirloom material. Bonus! Make your parties more fun by integrating your grandfather clock into the festivities (tequila shots when the clock strikes 10, anyone?). In the market for a clock, but not a granddaddy? Check out our alarm clocks.