It probably goes without saying, but Team Chairish has a bit of a major thing with wine. So imagine our elation when Zoe Johns, second generation vintner and general manager of Napa Valley winery Turnbull, contacted us to share that she was a major Chairish fangirl. And note, the feeling is mutual. Even better, she invited us up to the winery to see her Chairish purchases in their new habitat. Score!

We road tripped to Napa in the middle of harvest season to meet Zoe, learn about the history of Turnbull and see firsthand how she is interpreting modern farmhouse chic. We can neither confirm nor deny that some wine tasting also took place. See below for the product of our visit and click here to see Zoe’s special curation of a collection inspired by her home and the modern farmhouse chic of Turnbull!

Exterior of brown barn with green painted Adirondack chairs and planters

{Photo via Turnbull}

So, Zoe, tell us a little about Turnbull.
Well, the winery was founded by William Turnbull, the famed California architect who designed Sea Ranch among many other iconic Northern California properties. He used it as his country home and all of the original buildings still stand today. My family took over the winery property, added our world class vineyards, and we’ve been producing wine as Turnbull for 25 years. We have 200 acres of vineyards in the Napa Valley (primarily in Oakville) and producing the highest quality estate-grown cabernet is our goal. As a small producer, we manage every step of the process from dirt to bottle, with a real focus on quality.

Lush greenery outside of white cottage on Napa winery on Chairish

{Photo via Erin Kunkel}

Switching gears, how did you find out about Chairish?
Before taking over management of the winery from my family, I worked in merchandising and marketing for Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn. I’ve stayed in touch with my colleagues and a former co-worker mentioned Chairish. I loved the concept of the site and started buying pretty quickly, as we were in the process of updating the interiors at the winery (as well as completely rebranding Turnbull!). We have pieces from Chairish in all three of the tasting rooms at Turnbull.

Zoe Johns and her West dog on a white porch in Napa on Chairish

{Photo via Erin Kunkel}

We love a good makeover story. What was your primary inspiration for the redesign?
With the renovation, I knew I wanted to highlight the beauty of the Napa Valley, bring the outside in, and make each space feel like you were visiting a friend’s home. The goal was for each room to exude warmth and a kind of hominess.

The overall aesthetic is not Italian, nor is it French…it is authentically Napa Valley…rustic, farmhouse-inspired chic.

For the private tasting room, my childhood living room was the model. It’s a welcoming, intimate, cozy space where sitting down at the table or sofas, relaxing and lingering over the wine flight is encouraged.

Our gallery tasting room, our main space, is a living and evolving space. We have a tasting bar for a more casual, traditional experience and also seating areas to bring warmth and coziness to a rather large room (this used to be the barrel and production space in the winery’s early days). It’s also the perfect backdrop to showcase our family’s extensive black and white photography collection. We do rotating shows, so everything can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Turnbull Winery gallery tasting room with wood ceiling beams and dark leather armchairs

{Photo via Turnbull}

What is your design philosophy in general? How did it shape your approach to the renovation?
I fundamentally believe in not buying a ton of new things. Good design has a timeless quality and pieces that feel lived in really added to the home concept. We bought locally, used a local upholsterer, and I collaborated with a local interior designer. One thing I love about Chairish is the ability to filter based on locations. I tried to purchase items locally from the site whenever possible.

A westy dog sits under a farmhouse-style dining table with wood and wicker dining chairs

Any insider tips from your renovation experience?
I used both Pinterest and a real bulletin board to keep track of inspiration. Pinterest is a great tool, but it’s also nice to have a real, tangible space to track your ideas. Also, super important and specific to our space and business: use Sunbrella stain-resistant fabric! We used it for the majority of our upholstered pieces. With red wine, it’s a must!

Turnbull Winery private tasting room with red sofa and cream armchairs

{Photo via Michal Venera}

What is your favorite room or space at Turnbull?
Hands down, the private tasting room. It’s so comfortable, homey and special.

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A big thank you to Zoe and Turnbull for graciously hosting us and giving us a wonderful tour of the winery. To learn more about Turnbull (and plan your own visit!), read up on their story and wines here: 

{Featured photo via Michal Venera}


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September 14, 2016

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