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We are here to bust a myth. Writing desks are not just for "writers." You don’t need to be a writer with a book deal or an instagram poet with thousands of followers to want a writing desk. Glad we cleared that up. A corner with a writing desk is functionally decorative. Double down to get some work done, or just prop a ceramic bowl with lemons on it to make it look pretty—that’s totally up to you! If you occasionally work from home or just like to journal every night, buying a writing desk is a wonderful way to turn a corner of your living room or bedroom into a certified office. From large Parsons desks to smaller antique writing desks, there is a range of options for you to choose from to best fits your needs. Picture this: it's a Saturday morning. You sit at your beautiful writing desk with hot coffee and do the crossword puzzle or read the sports section (you do you!). Sounds fabulous, amirite? Looking for an interesting alternative spin on furniture? Get an antique writing desk that can also turn into a makeshift bar or snack table when you are socializing. Your friends will love it, and totally appreciate the open grazing bar approach. A great conversation starter that can be easily turned into a kid-friendly zone, a writing desk is perfect for someone with a polarizing social calendar. Want to give the home office a power makeover? Check out executive desks on Chairish — there is something for everyone.