Ahh, spring! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are just about ready to bloom. And while the metamorphosis from winter to spring always seems to bring a renewed burst of creativity, why not find even more inspiration in our 2022 Spring Art Showcase? This year, our curators have brought together an awe-inspiring collection created by makers from across the globe. Our selection includes bold paintings, meticulously crafted ceramics, inventive mixed-media pieces, and more. Below, discover some of the trends that captured our attention this season and browse through the entire art collection here.

Be sure to also look through the full directory of the artists in our 2022 Spring Art Showcase at the bottom of this article or click here.

Paintings and photographs that depict summer in frank and melacholic ways

Visions of Summer

Already over spring and longing for summer? These pieces represent the season of sunshine in uniquely frank and nostalgic ways. Showcasing muted colors, cloudy skies, and wistful women, these works convey the depth of emotion that comes to surface in the summertime.

Key artists: Bryan Young Studios, Carla Sutera Sardo, Caroline Pacula, Kathryn Gage, Lauren Marttila, Moran Trabelsi, Chloe Johnson

Artworks using flora and fauna motifs will be all the rage this spring

Buzzing Flora & Fauna

Look around your local parks and gardens this coming spring and you’re sure to find beautiful tulips, pansies, daffodils, and more on display. Bring some of that flower power into your home with these stunning flora and fauna inspired pieces. These artworks depict plants in inventive ways that feel fresh and imaginative.

Key artists: Rotimi Godwin, Anne-Louise Ewen, Dorothy Collier, Anna Jane Houghton, Ziesook You, Lottie Hampson

Art that have words as their main focus are classy, fun, yet sophisticated

Word Art

If the recent craze about manifestation has taught us anything, it’s that words matter. Whether by way of a cheeky expression on a daring print or a few key phrases displayed on a photograph, the written word can make a work of art. Surround yourself with some word art that visually and literally represents you.

Key artists: Robyn Blair, Lynnie Z, Richard Heeps

Paintings with pretty palettes can uplift any space

Sumptuous Palette

A painting with a visually pleasing color scheme can do wonders in making a room feel warm, cheerful, and personal. Give in to the power of a palette and incorporate a work of art that’s easy on the eyes into your home. Our featured artists utilize the prettiest hues the color wheel has to offer in these visually intriguing works.

Key artists: Anthony Finta, Genevieve Allen, Mary Mason Sams, Shelby Monteverde, Pearl & Maude, Laurie Lindqvist, Aleea Jaques

Artists in the 2022 Spring Art Preview

Anne-Louise Ewen
Aleea Jacques
Amee Calloway
Anna Jane Houghton
Anthony Finta
Bryan Young
Carla Sutera Sardo
Caroline Pacula
Chloe Johnson
Dorothy Collier
Erika Stearly
Genevieve Allen
Janice Beaudoin
Jeanne McKay Hartman
Jessica Hans
Kathryn Gage
Laura Gee
Lauren Marttila
Laurie Lindqvist
Lottie Hampson
Louisa Catherine Dunn
Lynnie Z
Maggie Robertson
Mary Mason Sams
Melanie Humbert
Moran Trabelsi
Natalie Savage
Paige Dorsey
Rebecca Jack
Richard Heeps
Robyn Blair
Rotimi Godwin
Ruby Bell
Shelby Monteverde
Teale Hathaway
Tomisin Oluwole
Ziesook You

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March 7, 2022

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