Janice Beaudoin Artist


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Canadian painter Janice Beaudoin is a curious painter. She creates modern, playful yet sophisticated artworks that bring life and energy to the rooms they live in.

Janice is drawn to quirky forms, line and unexpected colour relationships. Discovery and risk-taking are an important part of her creative process. Her work is often improvised – gestural paintings richly layered with mark and medium that share her love of drawing and painting. In an expressive exploration of her materials - paint, wax, collage elements and other mixed media - she works fluidly between intuition and intention.

"Through my abstract work, my hope to create a feeling rather than a specific representation of something that is already understood. I try to leave my work deliberately open-ended so it can be reinterpreted and integrated into the personal narratives of others."

Janice's paintings are in private and corporate collections across North America, Europe and Asia.. Her work has been published in British Vogue magazine as well as World of Interiors.

She lives and works in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia with her family.