Anthony Finta

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    My paintings serve as alternate views of familiar places, and I hope that they make a subconscious connection for the viewer - not a literal one. Sometimes the subject matter comes from the every day - a field, a building or skyline, the landscape from a commute, or a view through a train or airplane window. Sometimes they start from a series of random lines or from other materials attached to the surface before I start to paint, and sometimes they will start as written words, from literature or from a song lyric.

    Although reality is generally used as my point of departure, the paintings are not meant to impose any one specific thing on the viewer, and should be open to interpretation, contemplation, and ultimately emotion.

    I believe in the purity and beauty of painting and I hope that my work represents that - I am very conscious of the materials, the surface, the colors, and the textures. Each painting is a journey and process, and I try very hard to not have my work be just a formula, while maintaining something from piece to piece that is identifiable. Sometimes I will finish something in days or weeks - but I have come back to certain pieces after months or even years until I consider them "done".