We’ve long had our eye on The Wing. The gals-only work and community spaces have become known for head-turning interiors that fuse girly glamour with idiosyncratic cred, thanks in part to a slew of vintage finds sourced on Chairish. Now with a fleet of locations almost a dozen strong, it’s clear that The Wing has struck a chord with hustlin’ ladies everywhere. The secret to these perch’s success? We vote for the posh posh posh spaces that make you never want to leave. To imbue our own workspaces with a bit of The Wing’s signature verve, we asked the head of design, Laetitia Gorra, to give us the rundown on how she fashions spaces that boost productivity and induce relaxation. Here, seven takeaway tips along with an inside look at their new Chicago outpost!

1. Consider Colors that Boost Productivity

You can bet that the ladies at The Wing are plugged into productivity boosting tricks (they’ve opened up nine locations in the past three years, after all). Chief among their tools: color. “Color evokes emotions and has a direct impact on productivity,” says Laetitia. “There is so much literature around the psychology of color. Pink, for instance, is a very calming color which is why we use it throughout our space, and more specifically, in the quiet room in Chicago.” If pink isn’t your jam consider orange, which is known to rev up feelings of enthusiasm and creativity.

2. Mix Up Your Seating Options

An office should have comfortable seating, and a plethora of seating options. “Using the knowledge we’ve gotten from our members about how they use the space throughout the course of a day, we have different kinds of seating options throughout,” says Laetitia. “We created lounge seating areas, communal tables, individual desks, standing desks, designated quiet areas, and a cafe area.” You might not need quite so many options in your own home office, but a nook complete with an ultra-comfy armchair or an itty bitty table and chair combo parked in a sunny corner? Yes, please!

3. Balance Ergonomics and Style

We know, we know, we should all be doing more calisthenics between conference calls, which is why at the very least ergonomically correct seating should be on your radar! Take Laetitia’s advice, though, and don’t compromise on style when it comes to ergonomic furniture. “We believe that you don’t have to compromise beauty for function,” says Laetitia. “80% of the furniture you see in our spaces is custom—we create chairs that are ergonomically designed and also beautiful and soft.” Custom out of your league? Look for pieces from makers like Knoll and Herman Miller who specialize in office furniture with panache.

4. Factor in Off-the-Clock Fabric

You wouldn’t skimp on fabrics in a living room or bedroom, so why should the office be any different? “Fabrics have a tremendous impact on the space, so there are a few key things I consider when selecting fabrics: color, touch, and tone being the most important,” says Laetitia. In The Wing Chicago, Laetitia and team opted for a goldenrod Maharam fabric on the cafe’s banquettes. The fabric is bold in color and reserved in pattern, a fabulous combination to keep in mind. Chartreuse velvet? Yes! Multicolor argyle? No so much.

5. Dial Up the Amenities

With an office it can be tempting to take shortcuts design-wise. But adding all the cozy amenities of your favorite spaces can really make all the difference. The Wing Chicago’s special touches include “a wallpapered nursing room with soothing lighting and comfortable lounge chairs, showers with robes, towels, and products for all hair types, as well as a ladies library where members can discover new titles and authors.” While you already have access to your favorite shower products in your home office, the same sentiment applies to items like artwork, floor coverings, a bookcase filled with your favorite titles, decorative accessories, and maybe a candle or two. Make your office feel like a proper room and you won’t be inclined to dip out early!

6. Don’t Forget the Vintage!

“There is a wonderful history associated with vintage pieces that ties into the communal aspect of The Wing,” says Letitia. “Vintage pieces tell old stories and The Wing is a story being retold.” This is where Chairish came to the rescue. “We sourced a ton of the bookshelf accessories as well as a focal coffee table, ” says Letitia of her Chairish finds. Vintage tokens, be they studio vases, colored books, or brass goodies can make your office feel heaps more dimensional and dynamic.

7. Do It Your Way

If there’s one overarching takeaway from The Wing, it would be to make your office unabashedly YOU. Don’t abide by the rules of what you think an office should be. “We’ve opened nine locations now in the U.S. and London so we have a pretty strong sense of identity,” says Laetitia. To think of it another way: what are the items that aren’t standard office material but are authentic to you? Neon signs, chandeliers, area rugs? Load ‘em in, ladies!

All photos by Jasmine Pulley


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November 17, 2019

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