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We are here to bust some myths. Club chairs are not just for the masculine spaces. Club chairs are not just for adding rustic lodge-like ambience. And believe it or not, club chairs not just for comfort—FACT: they are for both comfort and style. Now that we got that off our chest, let’s talk about how you can pick the best vintage club chair to suit your needs.

The Origin Story: Why is it called a club chair? The name has its origin in English gentlemen’s clubs—you know, places where people sit around all day, smoking a pipe, having a glass of port. These club chairs are the opposite of a dining chair. They have large proportions and are so comfortable. We may or may not be guilty of snoozing on the club chair. We totes blame the chair. These chairs are for lounging and if that is the ambience you want to create, look no further.

Here are three of our favorite styles:

Modern Deco: Love the polished and indulgent style of Art Deco but want to give it a modern twist? We are on board. Art Deco decadence offset with modern utility makes for an amazing combo. A chair that perfectly encapsulates this theory is the Le Corbusier LC3 Chair. The gorgeous leather and the metallic legs add a touch of pizzazz to your space. More than a touch, if we are being honest. Throw in a chrome cocktail table to enhance the look. Add a metallic bar cart if you really want to take things to the next level.

Cottage Chic: If you have been dreaming of the cottage with the picket fence for a long time, but are hesitant to give up the city life, we can solve your dilemma. Find club chairs on sale and reupholster them with a bright fabric or a busy pattern. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices. For brownie points, match curtains with chair's upholstery. It’s a pretty traditional design choice, so don’t be afraid to go all the way. Just be prepared for the compliments to flow in.

Hollywood Regency: We love a glamorous room. The club chair that best represents the Hollywood Regency style is the swiveling tub-back chair. Get it in a bold leopard print or in a swoon-y jewel tone for that touch of glamor. Hollywood regency style took over in the 40s and 50s and if you love a good throwback, this is an uber stylish way to go. Sound good? Grab a pair of bubblegum tub-back chairs on sale and turn on the glam.

Pair club chairs with the right table to accentuate your room’s decor. If you are all set on the club chair front, be sure to check out cocktail & coffee tables on Chairish.