As one of the buzziest and most in-demand designers in Los Angeles, Brigette Romanek has a visual style that’s fearless, colorfully extravagant, and effortlessly luxurious. To shop a selection of pieces inspired by Brigette’s chic gathering space below, click here.

What are your must-have design elements for rooms like these? 

A cozy couch, a cozy rug… a cozy everything in here! And if you can incorporate a bar, add it for the drama and as a place for conversation. Game tables are also super fun and a wonderful way to connect with family. If you’re lucky enough to have the space, include one. There are some really beautiful game tables out there.

How do you keep gathering spaces like family rooms welcoming but still sophisticated? These are spaces that will get real everyday use, after all. 

I’ve coined the phrase “liveable luxe”—I want to live with items I love, but they also have to perform a function. I don’t live in a precious way, so the materials have to work and the pieces have to be comfortable enough to enjoy. Luckily, these days you can find beautiful performance fabrics that still look and feel very luxe!

Brigette Romanek
Interior Photo by Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

What kinds of color choices do you make for these spaces? Do you have a go-to palette? Everything has to be based on the room, the vibe, and the clients. Some people love color while others like subtle shades. I’m lucky in that I love it all and enjoy putting things together to make stories. Be open. Try playing with interesting combinations. 

What makes this room a special gathering space? What makes it work?

There are a few reasons. The different conversation areas mean you can talk with two people or 12. There’s walkability around all the seating so you can mingle easily. And the energy of the space along with the mix of colors give it life. Remember to have fun in any space you’re creating. Bring joy!

Portrait of Brigette Romanek by Ye Rin Mok, courtesy of the designer


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September 30, 2022

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