We’re big fans of little luxuries—those petite special somethings that elevate a design and light up a room. We asked three top tastemakers about the pieces they can’t do without. To shop a full curation of Chairish favorites from our tastemakers, check out their assortment here. And for more chic picks from top talents, be sure to read the rest of the most recent issue of Magazinish.

Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall. Photo: Catherine Hurt Photography


The founder of Estelle Colored Glass on tabletop treasures and the power of color

“I believe that glassware can be a gorgeous accessory, which is why we refer to our pieces as jewels for your table. Color is a major part of how I move with the seasons—soft pastels in the spring and summer, moving to jewel tones in the fall, which is also how I organize the brand, too. It is so much fun for me to add vibrant elements to everything, whether it’s my outfit, workspace, mood boards, or even plating meals for my family. A splash of color just brings a sense of happiness!

I’m the same with the art I love, particularly watercolors. I’m a big believer in incorporating original artwork and one-of-a-kind pieces, whether they’re vintage or newly made.”

Mish Tworkowski. Photo: Carmel Brantley


The esteemed jewelry designer on elegant finishes and marvelous materials

“The perfect little luxury for a house is chic, custom hardware. It is like fine jewelry expressly made for doors, drawers, and windows. In our new Palm Beach studio, we had our stone carvers make all the knobs for our cabinets and doors from semi-precious stones.

When it comes to materials, one of my favorites for both jewelry and interiors is actually petrified wood. I love all the amazing patterns and colors as well as the incredible story of its creation millions of years ago. I frequently carve it into drops for earrings, and it is also the star of our Millbrook living room, where we have a coffee table made from an amazing petrified wood slab.”

Mandy Cheng. Photo: Madeline Tolle


The AD100 designer on her favorite finishing touches and mixing old and new

“The wonderful thing about little luxuries is that this is where your unique personality shines. I love to indulge in candlesticks and holders, coffee table books, and floral arrangements. They all add height to a surface and really pull a decorated room together. And every space can use more plants. The second you pop a plant into a beautiful vessel and place it on a surface, it warms up the entire room.

When it comes to incorporating vintage finds with newly made pieces, the most important thing is simply to pick what you like. This gives a room a rich, layered feel, and the uniqueness of the vintage objects just makes the design feel that much more special and well curated.”


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January 30, 2023

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