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Besides doing the everyday work of holding your oatmeal, salad or pasta carbonara, bowls can be pulled into service in a number of decor-oriented ways. Try filling a used, glazed terracotta bowl with an abundance of fresh lemons—instant Mediterranean chic. Or use a glam Hollywood Regency style vintage bowl for matchbooks (remember those?) from fancy establishments. A vintage or used bowl could be exactly what you need for that extra-special touch.


Vintage decorative bowls are easy decorating accessories to add to any room in the house. Coming in various shapes and materials, they can be used for several purposes, more than simply adding a splash of color to a room or filling an empty corner. Continue below to read about creative ways to use vintage decorative bowls as accents in every significant room.


Used decorative bowls serve more of a purpose than simply decoration. Storing candles, plants are perfect for antique decorative bowls, large or small. With secondhand decorative walls a room can be both organized and stylish.

Illuminate with Candles

The perfect way to enjoy a vintage decorative bowl and set the mood in the evening or when company is over is by placing a lit candle in the bowl. Use a jar candle in a votive holder if removing wax from the bowl is a concern.

Large & Small Bowls

Use large vintage bowls on a fireplace mantel, or really any area that is in need of a punch of color. Try filling a large vintagr bowl with dried flowers, fake fruit or wooden orbs to finish the look. Very large bowls can also be placed next to a table or entertainment center on the floor. In terms of small bowls, try grouping a few together, either on trays of varying heights or hung on the wall.

The Ultimate Snack Vessel

On game nights or movie nights, use decorative bowls as snack bowls. If the antique bowl isn’t glass, be sure to line it with paper towels or foil first to prevent any stains.


Add a plant that has already been planted to a decorative bowl. When watering the potted plant, remember to take it out of the decorative bowl and let it drain before placing it back into the decorative bowl. Mix vining plants with other potted plants for added interest.


Place decorative bowls on the entryway console table to store keys and anything else needed to head out the door. Decorate the living room or bedroom end tables with bowls for storing small items such as reading glasses or remotes.


Decorative bowls, small or large, filled with stones or glass rocks can be a great addition to any room. Scented glass rocks, believe it or not, are also an option and will fill the room with the perfect aroma, without a flame. For a coastal-style room, decorative bowls can be used to showcase a seashell collection, too.


Decorative bowls can be purchased to match the theme of the space, as well as play a functional role in the kitchen.

Tea Bag & Sugar Packet Storage

More often than not, herbal teas come in individual packets. Placing the teas in a decorative bowl by the stove can be handy place to store them. If there are multiple kinds of tea packets, try arranging them in the bowl by flavor. A small, decorative bowl is also perfect for storing sugar and sugar substitute packets. Simply place the bowl beside the coffee pot or on the kitchen table.

Bar Accessories

Corkscrews, bottle openers and more decorative drink items and bar essentials can all be kept in a decorative bowl for stylish, safe keeping. Keep the bowl by a kitchen wine rack or at the home bar station for easy accessibility when they’re needed.

Pet Bowl

Why use a less-than-lovely pet bowl when a decorative bowl looks much nicer in the kitchen? Just be sure the bowl is not made of lead and that it can be washed regularly.

Receipts & Manuals

Nothing says clutter like a bunch of receipts and manuals lying around on the kitchen counter. Keep them nice and organized in a large, decorative bowl atop the refrigerator, where they won’t be such an eyesore.

Paper Napkin Holder

Although napkins are supposed to clean up messes, sometimes they themselves can be a real mess. Keep them organized by filling a decorative bowl with paper napkins, and keep it on the kitchen counter or dining room table so they are always within reach. Having more than one bowl of napkins available may be beneficial, so as to have one to take to another room for game night, movie night or coffee by the fireplace.

Fruits & Veggies

Large, decorative bowls are great for storing fruits and vegetables, and they make the perfect centerpiece for a countertop or kitchen table. Mix fruits and vegetables together to promote healthy eating habits, or only display colors that match the room’s decor and contrast the bowl itself.