We at Chairish love shopping small and celebrating individuality, and there’s no category that reflects this more than our artisan makers. Often self-run or managed by tiny teams, these small businesses create products — usually by hand — that exemplify the passion and creativity behind the design industry.

We’re wrapping up our look at our favorite artisan makers with a mix of creators from around the world, who develop everything from plaster furniture to colorful textiles and organic-inspired lighting. To see all the small makers we’ve highlighted this year, be sure to review the artisans who were included in the first and second parts of our series. And to find more artisans as well as larger furniture brands we love, browse the full variety of new and custom furniture available on Chairish.

Courtesy of Cuff Studio

Hollywood-based Cuff Studio works closely with local LA workshops and artisans to create gorgeously crafted pieces for designers, architects, and collectors worldwide. They produce whimsical, eye-catching made-to-order lighting, seating, tables, and more.

Courtesy of Jacopo Foggini

Milan-based Jacopo Foggini’s first solo exhibition was held in 1997, and since then he’s exhibited in more than 60 galleries and venues throughout the world. His gorgeous glass lighting is installed in hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and theaters around the world, and today he creates a blend of lights and vases for designers and consumers alike.

Courtesy of Nzuri Textiles

Nzuri Textiles is an ethically conscious luxury brand that creates unique, colorful pillows. They work with local artisans in West Africa and use environmentally sensitive and sustainable means for producing fiber and vegetable dyes. Their designs are versatile and can fit with a variety of styles of spaces.

Courtesy of Oi Studio

Oi Studio was founded by Virgin Islands native BOA, who has always been passionate about sustainable design and balancing our natural environment with the built one. Her aesthetic lives at an intersection between her reverence for nature, minimalism, and fine craftsmanship. 

Courtesy of Carlo Moretti

Since the founding of Carlo Moretti in 1959, the brand’s objects have been placed in the permanent collections of the London Victoria and Albert Museum, the New York Cooper-Hewitt Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and more. Every piece is mouth-blown, hand finished, and signed by hand with a diamond-tipped stylus.

Courtesy of Invictus Steelworks

Robert Simmons, the artist behind Invictus Steelworks, specializes in custom metal furniture designs, statement furniture, unique gazebos and original steel sculpture. He designs and fabricates exceptional furniture, from coffee tables to dining and conference tables and anything in between.

Courtesy of OVUUD

Owned by Philadelphia-based designer Benjamin Gillespie, OVUUD’s aesthetic is simple yet interesting, evolving from Gillespie’s experience in carpentry and metalworking. All the brands Scandinavian-inspired pieces are crafted by hand using local materials including Pennsylvania oak, ash, and maple.

Courtesy of Blueprint Lighting

New York-based Blueprint Lighting is known for creating gorgeous custom lighting without long lead times. With raw components kept in their warehouse, they’re uniquely suited to filling all manners of custom lighting orders from designers and homeowners alike.

Courtesy of Fluxco

Fluxco builds custom furniture including chairs, sofas, tables, sideboards, and more. Whether their pieces are constructed from wood, glass, stone, or metal, they work with all materials, primarily drawing inspiration from classic Mid-century and Art Deco designs.

Courtesy of Oken House Studios

Öken House Studios creates unique, handmade plaster furniture in their Southern California studio. All their materials are local, with nothing outsourced outside the area. Products include tables of all sizes, consoles, bowls, vases, and more.

Courtesy of Tekna

The designers behind Tekna found inspiration in old trains and ships from a bygone age when creating their pieces. They chose to create simple, functional products at factories with genuine craftsmanship, developing a line of straightforward, practical, beautiful lights. 

Courtesy of Hayden Allison Richer

Hayden Allison Richer creates one-of-a-kind, sculptural ceramic furniture. Each piece, including lamps and side tables, is handmade to evoke notions of land and body that have grown over time and calcified into a frozen movement.


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October 22, 2020

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