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welcome to öken house studios! please review the below purchase terms + conditions:


Each öken house studio piece is handmade // made to order (unless otherwise specified in its individual listing details) by us // a small team of artists in Southern California. Nothing is outsourced + we try to utilize local vendors to source materials needed. Please review the Purchase Terms + Conditions in its entirety for important information regarding your order // as by purchasing a piece you are agreeing to the below:


The production estimated lead times begin the time of order is placed // the deposit is received. See estimated lead time bullet points below for specific information depending on the piece you are looking to order. Once the order is officially placed, your piece is put onto our production schedule…we work on a first come, first serve basis. Expediting for an additional fee is currently not an option.

Lead times refer to the time required to complete the item from start to finish in production // this does not include transit time which will vary depending on your delivery location (see more info on this re: delivery). Lead times are an estimate and can be subject to change at any time. In the event your items lead time drastically changes, we will reach out to inform you to work on resolving the matter. If we go over the estimated lead time + you have not heard from us, please feel free to reach out.

As our pieces are handmade to order, specific completion dates cannot be provided // if you do have a specific completion date in mind, you must message us prior to purchasing to confirm we are able to possibly accommodate your timeline. If you have any questions regarding the below estimations, please message us before purchasing so we can best respond. We truly work as quickly as we can without compromising the quality of our work.

+ Larger Furniture Pieces (includes but not limited to coffee tables, consoles, custom pieces): 18-20 weeks
+ Accent // Side Tables: 14-16 weeks
+ Décor // Bowls: 4-7 weeks
+ Any piece ordered in the Smooth Plaster finish will have the most extended lead times // anything in pairs are subject to take longer.


Please refer to Chairish's policies.


As your piece gets closer to completion, one of our team members will reach out to start scheduling your in-home delivery on all furniture pieces that will not be sent via the mail. We use trusted contracted drivers to deliver any items outside the Southern CA local delivery area (see estimated transit times + pricing based on region below as we have found in our experiences), if within the Southern CA area one of our own team members will complete the delivery process. At this time, the buyer will be required to let our team member know of any date or time restrictions, as someone must be on-site to accept the in-home delivery order // the sooner in the process we know of any restrictions the better.

Estimated Transit Times

+ West Coast 2-8 days
+ Mid-West 5-14 days
+ The South 1-4 weeks (please allow more time for driver scheduling for these areas)
+ East Coast 1-3 weeks (please note anything shipping to the north east regions of the US could be subject to additional shipping fees + longer lead times to book a driver)

We custom pack our furniture pieces very securely in foam boxes to minimize the risk of any damage while in transit (this packing fee is usually calculated into the estimated delivery costs above), as well as use trusted contracted drivers who take great care in delivering our items in perfect condition (large furniture pieces // consoles will never be sent via the mail, no exceptions). However, all items must be inspected at the time of delivery. If anything is incorrect or the piece was damaged while in transit, this is the only time the buyer will be able to indicate problems with the piece. Please denote any damage on the BOL or delivery document and reject delivery in necessary cases. A signed delivery document confirms the order was delivered as ordered without damage. Photos of the damage + its packaging are required by the buyer to be sent to seller and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Each of our products are unique and subject to slight variation in texture, characterization, color, etc. Please review other examples of our work to confirm you are comfortable with the potential variation. Dimensions will be exact.


Please review the below Care Information to be sure our plaster pieces are a good fit for your space. We will not refund or replace a product where in our reasonable opinion the piece has, following the sale to you, become of unacceptable quality due to fair wear and tear, misuse, failure to use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, using it in an abnormal way or failure to take reasonable care.

In the event you do run into an issue of repair, please reach out, we are happy to assist the best we can to resolve the issue.

We consider our plaster décor “functional” pieces of art and they do require a certain amount of care. As we cannot predict each individual scenario, please review the below for more detailed information & feel free to message us with any other questions:

+ To clean surface wipe with a slightly damp cloth/paper towel. Harsh chemicals/commercial cleaning products are not recommended.
+ Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work great for light scuff marks.
+ Tests have been done with washable magic marker, coffee, wine spills and surfaces were wiped clean with the above method (note: do not leave drink stains on for long, this is not tested or recommended).
+ Use coasters as often as possible, especially if the piece will be used in a high traffic area.
+ Do not place your plaster furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat register. We recommend placing your piece(s) in a cool, dry room.
+ Plaster items not intended for outdoor use.
+ No, it is never recommended anyone stand or jump on the furniture (yes, we get this question more than you may think).


Any custom designs or sketches are the creative property of öken house studios.

we greatly appreciate your patience + business ! !

the öken house studios family