When you consider all the hours you’ll pass in your home office, dreaming, scheming, and just being your overall most creative self, it’s clear that it warrants a beautiful space. Likewise, it should be a space that brims with your personal style, whether that be casual and classic, bold and glam, or chic and eclectic. Not sure what style most fits your aesthetic? No problem! We’re breaking down three office looks so that you can discover your perfect match!

Home office with textured wallpaper, white couch, and white desk
Photo by John Merkl, Styling by Jody Kennedy.

Classic Casual

If you’re among those who uses their home office to host clients, you might consider taking a classic and casual approach. While classic elements like books and urn lamps will make it clear that your office is just that—an office—casual elements, like a light color palette and a cushy slipcovered sofa, will make it conducive to low-key vibes and easy-flowing conversation. To keep the balance between formal and informal going, try swapping out a few traditional office standbys like marble busts for quirky sculptures made out of a less-precious materials like plaster. Choosing a plush, but classically-shaped stool over a standard desk chair will also keep the classic-with-a-twist theme going.

Plum-painted home office with yellow drapes and green geological chairs
Photo by Anna Routh

Bold & Glam

In the game for a lady-like office, but not one that feels old fashioned? If so, try going the route of a bold and glam office. To turn a standard-issue office into a total glam pad, start by painting your walls in a super-saturated hue. If you really feel like dialing up the drama, spring for a high-gloss lacquered paint. Don’t be afraid to go the whole nine yards, either, and paint everything—from the ceiling to the cabinetry! For a desk and chair, select something with some curves. Whether it be a curvy Neoclassical desk or a pair of swoopy, 70s-style cantilever chairs, the curves will soften any rooms edges’ and give it a decidedly femme feel. As a final touch, load your room full of pretty bits and baubles like Murano vases, brass animals, and ginger jars. They’ll make the space feel like a pretty, private dressing room.

Black home office with white desk, Louis-style desk chair, and yellow lamp
Photo by Annie Schlechter

Eclectic Chic

Sometimes the reality is you need an office that can get a little ruffled and still look good. Enter: the eclectic chic office. Function is the name of the game, here, so if there’s a place to splurge it’s on an expansive desk. If you need extra room, you might even consider a repurposing an old dining table. To prevent piles of desktop paperwork from looking haphazard, coat your desk in a solid coat of paint. (Hint: dressing the walls, ceiling and floors in a uniform paint color can also calm visual clutter, too). When it comes to styling, let your work double as decor. A mood board full of magazine clippings can provide tons of color and personality, as can piles of books and magazines that you reference on the regular. The crowning touch? A statement chair will make everything feel perfectly pulled together.

Lead photo by Annie Schlechter

August 29, 2017

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