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Ginger Jars

A design classic coming on in a glaze of glory, the ginger jar is a true porcelain design classic. Originating in China during the Qin Dynasty, ginger jars were first exported to Europe in the 19th century. They were long revered for their beautiful and delicate designs. Originally used for storing and transporting spices, ginger jars are now mainly decorative objects. Ginger jars are characterized by their high shoulders, rounded shapes, small mouths, and domed lids. Traditional Chinese ginger jars are usually white and blue, while Japanese ginger jars are generally more colorful. During their rapid rise in popularity, many began to mass produce ginger jars, often using ceramic. However, authentic antique ginger jars are made of real porcelain and are hand-painted, often with dragons, landscapes, floral designs, and Chinese carps. They are best displayed in groups of two or more, in varying sizes, to serve as a beautiful centerpiece or table accent. If your ginger jar is missing a lid, repurpose it into a vase! Add flowers to transform it into a gorgeous piece of decor. Ginger jars are so versatile and are an easy way to add visual interest and color to any space, from bookshelves to entryways, display cabinets to dining tables. Although many companies produce modern versions of ginger jars today, we still prefer the rich history and craftsmanship, as well as the stories that come with vintage and antique ginger jars. Discover other decorating traditions in our collection of vintage room accents.