Louise Roe knows style. As an editor, author, and TV personality, she covered style for many years before becoming a designer and launching her brand, Sharland England (available on Chairish), to instant acclaim in 2021. Grounded in Louise’s British heritage, it draws on “a long-term love affair with all things rattan.” At a Georgian rectory in the English countryside, Louise dreamed up her newest line of tabletop—inspired by her great-granny’s relaxed approach to entertaining. Here, she shares her tips for effortless elegance, and her favorite Chairish finds.


Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

You’ve worked in fashion and broadcasting your whole career, and now you’re designing beautiful pieces for the home. How did that come about?

We spent 11 years living in LA and then moved back to the English countryside. We restored a beautiful old Georgian rectory, and during that process (it was also lockdown) my mind finally began to explore what it was I really wanted to do. I knew it was something in the home, and one day the idea just came to me. I spent the next couple of years researching, learning, talking to friends in the industry, before launching Sharland England at the end of 2021. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

You lived and worked in Los Angeles and are now back in England. What are some of the cross-the-pond design similarities are you seeing and where do the two locations vary greatly? What would you say are some trademarks of the Los Angeles style that you’ve adopted?

Well, interestingly, most of my customers are in the United States! I design rattan furniture and tabletop with a nostalgic nod to a bygone era of entertaining—it’s actually named after my great-Grandmother. I hope I create a relaxed sort of elegance, and right now I think America has a penchant for quite an English, traditional, warm and layered look. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

Tell us about your approach to vintage and antique finds. How do you mix in vintage when you’re layering patterns, colors, and styles? How do you like to incorporate vintage/antiques?

I adore patina’d wood; the kind of old furniture that needs to be bashed around for a couple of hundred years to look as charming as it does! Those pieces naturally fit into a warm palette of sage greens, terracottas and blues. Mix in some lovely old ceramics, books, wild flowers, and the room just comes together. There aren’t any rules, except maybe don’t make it too perfect! 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

You love to use rattan. What is it about that material that you most love, and what do you like to pair it with to make it feel fresh?

I love everything about rattan. Its warm colour, soft curves. The fact that it’s somehow refined and elegant, but informal, too. It also works in every context—minimalist or maximalist. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

You have a fantastic line of tabletop (available on Chairish). Your pieces are bright, fun with historical nuances. Tell us how this came about and what inspired you?

My great-granny—as mentioned before—threw these wonderful parties in Buenos Aires. She had beautiful taste and exquisite things, but from what my mother tells me, she was never precious about them. She wanted people to enjoy, dance, spill the red wine, have fun. It’s that approach to entertaining and decorating that inspired me. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin


What do you find most compelling about Chairish? 

I have loved Chairish for years, from way back when I lived in LA and wanted to make my first baby’s nursery into a very English, chintzy world. I couldn’t find the right pieces anywhere until I found Chairish. 

How does sustainability factor into your design choices and love of vintage?

You cannot be more sustainable than when you decide to buy and love something vintage. To me, they’re the most interesting, beautiful pieces anyway. And rattan is extremely sustainable, too—it should last a lifetime and it replenishes itself in the forests faster than wood, so it’s a good choice to make. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin


Favorite way to create a statement-making moment in a room: It’s not always with something obvious. Lighting or music can have the biggest impact, if it’s done right. 

Favorite paint color: Sang de Boeuf by Edward Bulmer

Favorite piece of decor in your home: My antique bureau desk. It’s Georgian and I fell in love with it 18 months before we moved back to England. I convinced the antique dealer to hold onto it for me, and he did! 

Favorite style icon: Ali McGraw. 

Design destination every creative should visit at least once: Vienna! The architecture is exquisite but so are the traditions. There is an innate sense of taste there and the national library is something dreams are made of. 

Courtesy of Sharland England | Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin


Favorite small museum: Sir John Soane Museum in London. In his will, it was instructed nothing was to be moved, so wandering around his home is truly like stepping back in time. It’s exquisite! 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow: Toby Worthington, he paints colourful pictures with historical anecdotes, and David Netto, too. His writing is beguiling, and very funny. 

Favorite hostess (or thank you) gift: Sharland England’s new votive gift box. I worked with my friend and artist Rachel Bottomley to create a beautiful oil painting, that we made into a box, and there are three of my signature candle scents inside. 

Favorite flower: Ooh, that’s tough! It depends on the season, but I do love anemones. 

Favorite entertaining essential: A makeshift cocktail bar! I often set up bottles, ice, glasses and wine on my rattan console and let people help themselves. It gets the party started!

Lead image: Courtesy of Sharland England, Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin

April 10, 2024

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